Early foliage is looking good in northern Vermont

Autumn leaves reflect in Forest Lake, Vermont (Loren Fisher/LorenPhotos.com)

Autumn leaves reflect in Forest Lake, Vermont

I went way north searching for moose and foliage. I found the foliage, but still no moose. I nearly drove into Canada, but at the last second I realized the building I was about to pass was the U.S. border guard house, so I made a quick turn since I didn’t have my passport with me. It wasn’t long ago that they changed the law so you need one to get back from Canada and I don’t think they like hearing stories about lost photographers, so I was glad I didn’t venture into the wrong country. I did find a neat little lake, Forest Lake, with nice foliage along the edge. I got out my waders and strolled through the water so I could get some lily pads and grass in the foreground.

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