Early sunrise in Acadia

We got off to an early start today at my Acadia Photography Workshop, sunrise on the Maine coast is always special and we went to Boulder Beach and Monument Cove to photograph the sun coming up over the water.

It is a bit tricky to get down to Boulder Beach, you have to climb down a rather steep hill and then scramble across the rocks, which are round and tough to walk on. I use my tripod as a walking stick to help me stay on my feet. When you get below the tide line the rocks can be covered in slippery green moss. That is where I usually stop, the slimy rocks are treacherous. Before the sun came up I shot the crashing waves splashing onto the rocks. Using a long shutter speed makes the breaking waves look like mist or smoke, which looks pretty cool.

It was a cloudless sky, which isn’t always a blessing when trying to photograph the sun. It is better to have a few clouds on the horizon and in the sky, but a clear sky is better than all clouds. Once the sun comes over the horizon at 5 a.m. I quickly changed from getting the sun in the photo to see what is being illuminated.

I love the patterns created on the beach and looking up the coast to Otter Cliff as the sun glows on the rocks.

We shot for a while before heading to another fun beach, Little Hunter Beach, which features smaller rocks but they are completely different. At Boulder Beach all the rocks are the same color, a not too exciting light brown. At Little Hunter Beach the rocks are smaller and colorful. Many rocks have multiple colors and unique patterns. They are so cool there is a sign at the walkway to the beach requesting people not take any of the rocks. I have been there at near high tide as the incoming waves push the rocks around creating a strange rumbling sound.

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