Exploring New York City at night

I’m not really a night owl but I had a great time last night hosting a mid town New York photography workshop at night. We started in Central Park before it got dark, which is always a great place to photograph but going alone can be a bit intimidating. This was the first of many workshops I’m planning in the city since I bought a 12-passenger van that makes it convenient for participants to get around. With the help of fellow pro photographer Ron Lake we were able to drop people off and pick them up right at the locations we wanted to shoot.

With the weather being near perfect, Central Park was full of people, which made for some great photos. We started near Bethesda Fountain and the boathouse. The pond was full of row boats, it didn’t look like too many of the people had much experience with oars but they were having fun. A little farther away from the boathouse the boat crowd thinned and I was lucky to catch a gondola floating past while I was on Bow Bridge. The buildings of the city made for a good background.

We left the park and headed for more madness: Times Square. It was packed and full of energy and so bright you don’t need a tripod at night! The lights of color are always awesome and there seemed to be a special energy going on. After getting plenty of shots we got back in the van and went to pretty much the total opposite, a quiet place I know on the East Side where we could get cool shots looking across 42nd St. and then looking east to Queens. They both made for neat shots of traffic moving and blurring with our long exposures.

The night ended in Grand Central Terminal, which is an architectural marvel but it is dark inside. In order to shoot with a tripod you need to get a special permit in advance, which I had done for the group. It is such a cool building and always makes for great photos. It was a good place to end the night.

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  1. Looks fabulous sorry to of missed it , hopefully I can attend one soon ! looks like a lot of fun . Jackie

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