My new book Vermont Barns & Covered Bridges is now available

Oct. 7, 2023

I've been working for several months to put together some of my favorite photos of Vermont's old barns and covered bridges. They have always been special to me, my little town of 300 in Indiana where I grew up had the only covered bridge for 150 miles. Even though I Iived in town, my neighbor's barn was close enough that us kids could throw apples through the open windows.

Now that I'm living in Vermont, I'm surrounded by old barns and many covered bridges. I can actually see a covered bridge from my house and I photograph bridges and barns whenever I can. When I started photographing Vermont's covered bridges there were 106 historic bridges, now there are 104 and I have photographed them all. There are too many barns in Vermont to count but it is estimated to be between 2,500 and 3,000 over 50 years old.

The book is 8x8 inches, has 122 pages and over 150 photos with a soft cover.
It is available now at

You can flip through the book below.

For this book I have selected some of my favorite barn and covered bridge photos and put them into a 122 page book that is 8X8 inches and has a soft cover.
Barns & Covered Bridges Book