My Favorite Photos of 2022


I don’t particularly like year-in-review stuff, especially on TV news where they are just filling time with cheap content. But I think it is a good exercise to go back and see what I shot and see what I can learn from it. The older I get the less I shoot and the more I learn. I don’t make as many photos it seems because I tend not to shoot what I’ve shot before, unless I can make a better picture or get something from a different angle. One thing I noticed looking back at 2022 is that I shot a lot more with my drone. There’s that different angle thing at work.

All in all 2022 was a good year. My photography highlight was hiking to a flowing volcano in Iceland. It was a rather strenuous hike, especially carrying loads of photo gear. But I survived even though I was hurting for a few days. Not only was I awe struck by the magnificence and power of the volcano, the experience was a wake up call to exercise more and be in decent physical shape.

In November I took a group to Peru and really enjoyed meeting some great people making some fun photos. Machu Picchu is a special place and our local guide, Fernando, made it even more so by sharing his love and respect for Pachamama, Mother Earth.

My favorite time for photography in Vermont is winter and looking back through my photos I can see that when the snow is on the ground is when I am out shooting the most. I love the simplicity snow brings and the beauty and lines it creates.

Below are some of my favorite photos I made in 2022. I probable should edit them down a bit more, but if you have the time to scroll through them, the best winter photos are at the end. Click on a photo to see a larger version and then you can scroll through them. Enjoy.