Getting a shot of Manhattenhenge

ManhattenhengeIt only happens twice a year and it is one of those strange New York City occurrences – Manhattenhenge. It is when the setting sun lines up directly on the cross streets of the Big Apple. Hundreds, if not thousands, of photographers come out to try to get a shot of a blazing ball setting between the big buildings. I’ve tried several times and clouds block me every time.

This year the clouds only kinda won.

I saw the sun peek through the clouds and it made a decent shot, not as good as I would like, but it was fun anyway.

I go to a little overpass on 42nd St. on the east side of the island near the United Nations. There is always a crowd, so to get a shot without photographers in it you either have to get there early, like before 3 p.m. or shoot over the top of them. That is what I do. I have a very tall tripod that goes to nearly seven feet high and I take a little step stool. There is always plenty of jostling but it works out.

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