Goodbye Dillon, you’ll always be a source of strength

A dear friend died last night. Marilyn Dillon was a co-worker and friend and a source of strength for a long time. Dillon, as she preferred to be called, fought many courageous battles the last 13 years but always had that devilish grin, ready to toss out a dry quip. When life isn’t perfect I often think of her determination and grit and wonder “What would Dillon do?” As the tears run down my face I smile. I’m lucky to have known her and Brian Horton and her force will be with me forever.

I could write a ton about Dillon but Brian put together a wonderful obit that says it all.  He posted it on the weekly blog he has faithfully written keeping the world updated on Dillon’s progress during her many battles. It is quite the tribute: https://marjourneyback.blogspot.com/

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