Goodbye Iceland, for now

I always have mixed feelings about a workshop being over, especially when it is in a great location like Iceland. I’m on the plane flying home and fairly exhausted. The highlight was being lucky and seeing the Aurora Borealis flickering in the northern sky but it meant for pretty short nights and not enough sleep. It will be great to get home and see my wife Robin and sleep in my own bed.

This week in Iceland was once again a tremendous experience. The people of Iceland are so friendly, it helps that they all speak English, but they are proud of their country and welcome the hoards of visitors. Back in July I met Ludvik Karlson, an artist in the little fishing town of Grundarfjörður. Ludvik carves rocks when he can get outside and paints in the winter. When we pulled up Sunday he was outside his studio carving away. As I walked toward him his face lit up when he recognized me. It was fun to be so warmly greeted. He has a beautiful carving that he says is either a swan looking skyward or a harp and I would love to have it but I can’t imagine how much the shipping would be to get the 250 pound art back to America.  I’m sure many Icelanders would prefer the crowds stay home but it has made their economy boom. Nearly all the construction I saw was building hotels to accommodate all the guests.

I’ve said this many times before, but it is amazing how well people on photo workshops get along. We were eight people who didn’t know each, tossed into a van driving too many miles and spending too much time together and getting in each other’s way when trying to make pictures. But everyone is on the same mission to have fun, make the best photos they can, so it all works out. I’m starting to think we should make all politicians go on photo workshops so they can learn how to get along with each other.

I’m excited to go back next year in February and again in August. Below is a gallery of some photos I made during my two summer trips to Iceland.

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