Iceland always lives up to the hype

I just got back from another exciting workshop in Iceland. It was my seventh trip there and it never gets old. Covid cancelled my last two planned workshops there and a lot had changed since Feb. 2020. Some roads had moved, more roundabouts were created and access had been made easier to a couple of my favorite locations. 

I had hoped to watch the newest volcano flow down through the valley but it wasn’t as active as it was earlier this year (see previous blog post). It was still exciting to see and worth the long, rugged hike. 

The group was great and supportive of each other and shared lots of laughs. The sights of Iceland are always spectacular as we ventured from the Reykjanes peninsula to the Snæfellsnes peninsula, down to the southern coast and back up to the Golden Circle and then to Reykjavik. We were on the go, did plenty of photography and were rather exhausted at the end. 

Enjoy the photos, click on any image to see a larger version and then click to the next photo using the arrows on the side.

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