It is mud season in Vermont

Mud season in Promfret, Vt.

They there are six seasons in Vermont. You have spring, summer, fall, then there is stick season after the leaves fall and before the snow arrives to start winter. After winter and before spring is mud season. That’s when the snow is melting and the frost is leaving the ground.

The dirt roads become an adventure. If you live on one, you have to make sure your fuel oil tank is filled while the road are still frozen because heavy trucks are not allowed on the road during mud season.

I was out this afternoon seeing what critters might be around. The roads weren’t too bad, they were soft and rutted. The roads maintained by the township are designated with a “TH” like TH27. “TH” stands for Township Highway, which is pretty funny since they are the some of the smallest roads you will ever drive.

I was on one in Promfret that was barely wide enough for two cars to pass. I went through several rutted areas and pulled up on a large mud pit. It was the width of the road and at least 50 yards long. The ruts looked to be axle deep, so I figured I better put the Jeep into 4-wheel-drive. As I headed into the mudpit a pickup truck approached from the other direction. He stopped at the end of the pit since I was sliding and slipping my way through the mud.

The Jeep handled the mud well, the wheels spun a bit but it didn’t take long to get through it. When I got to the other side, I noticed there were three people sitting in the pickup truck. They all were grinning and the driver had a huge smile. He gave me a thumbs up and headed into the mud. I’m guessing they were betting on whether I made it through the mud and the driver won.

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