Last day in Hawaii

Fishing on the cliffThis is our last day in Hawaii. It has been fun but the weather was pretty crappy most of the time, which wasn’t what we expected. We saw lots of things, maybe too much in too little time, but it was a great adventure.

We headed out early to see the lava bubbling at Kīlauea, but there was a steady rain and it just didn’t make good photos. It was fun to see but not what we had hoped for.

We drove toward the southern end of the island and visited the western-most point in the U.S. There were many people fishing and it was one of the few times we saw bright sunlight. It was mighty windy which the fishermen used to their advantage, they hooked a gallon plastic jug to their line which blew their bait far away from their perch on the cliff. It was pretty ingenious.

We then drove to the northern end of the island and the weather wasn’t so nice. We made several stops for photos and I was invited to take a family portrait at a Mother’s Day picnic. It was fun talking with them and getting to know some locals.

Hawaiian RainbowWe had a couple of hours before we needed to head back to the airport and we drove along a ridge away from the ocean. The rain was falling and the sun was out which is perfect recipe for a rainbow. We chase one rainbow for about 20 minutes, stopping several times. The wind was the strongest sustained that either of us had ever encountered, it had to be over 50 MPH. I could barely get the car door open. But we finally found a great spot with a lonely tree and the rainbow arching over it.

We made our way back to the airport in Kona, which is entirely outdoors. The waiting area is outdoors, the luggage claim area is outdoors, the whole thing is just covered by some roofs in case it rains. A pretty unique end to a unique trip.

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