Leaves are gone at Lord Stirling

A boardwalk is covered with frost in Lord Stirling park.

Since I couldn’t get into Lord Stirling park in Bernards, NJ, yesterday as the deer herd was being thinned, I headed back at sunrise to see what was around. I hoped there would be some leaves left on the trees, but they are mostly bare. The leaves on the ground didn’t look too great, the color is gone and the frost this morning was very light. There are lots of boardwalks in the park and some frost on one of them made a nice contrast with the warm sunlight.

The sunrise is reflected in the swamp at Lord Stirling park.

I always enjoy seeing the sunrise hitting trees in the swampy part of the park. The water is dark and nicely reflects whatever is being hit by the sunlight. It can look really nice when colorful leaves are floating but  today I saw only brown oak leaves.

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