Looking back at some favorite photos of 2017

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2017 went by fast, but I guess that is a good thing. Boredom makes time drag and I sure wasn’t bored in 2017.

Whenever I look back I am always thankful for the blessings I have. It starts with my wife Robin and her love, support and understanding. I am thankful for having good health and being able to do many of the things I want to in life.

It was a great year for travel, I started the year in Florida and ended up making three trips there during the year. I went to Oregon twice, once for location scouting and then in August for the total solar eclipse. The eclipse remains one of the most memorable experiences ever and I can’t wait to chase another one, hopefully in 2019 in Argentina. I spent time in the Provence region of France, I had been to France before but not that area. The highlight was the lavender fields that went for miles, stimulating both my eyes and nose.

Showing my work at art festivals kept me on the move, I did 24 shows in seven states from Florida to Vermont. When you do that many shows you get to know lots of other great artists and it becomes a community. The friendships go beyond the artists to the people who come to the shows. There were people I talked to in Florida, the Hamptons and in Vermont! It is fun to see people at multiple shows.

The downside of the year was our loss of two Bernese Mountain Dogs. The great Sophie left us quickly and unexpectedly in January and then old man Zian finally gave out a few months later. But then we were joined by a new puppy, Pudge, in July. Robin and I had forgotten how much energy a puppy has and we are paying for it daily. But she brings lots of life into the house and makes for some fun photos.

I tried some new things in 2017. The most fun is getting a drone, I’ve always loved the view from above and I finally got on board. I like shooting video with it but I’m still a big fan of the still image. I’ll be getting my FAA license soon so I can do commercial work with it. This year I also started experimenting with photographing colliding water drops. It takes some special equipment and the images are amazing. I look forward to seeing what more I can do with it.

In fact, I look forward to seeing what other new adventures await in 2018.

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