Loving life in Vermont

As the fall foliage season was winding down a couple of weeks ago in Vermont, I was out wandering around at sunrise in the fog. One of our employees at Focus Gallery has a beautiful farm at the corner of two dirt roads and I ended up there. She has a striking horse sculpture in a field that I had photographed last winter. There are also several horses wandering around the farm, which are great to photograph. As the fog came and went I wandering up and down the roads, making lot of photos. I was working the sculpted horse and made several photos with the statue in pretty much the same place as I did in the winter. It was lots of fun. 
Then as I was photographing down the dirt road something came over me. Nothing special was going on but I got emotional. The beauty of my surroundings were almost too much. It was like this gorgeous scene was playing out just for me. Nobody else was around, no cars came by, it was just me, the horses and the incredible scene. How cool is it that I ended up here? Not just this day, but in my life. I frequently think back to being a dopey, fairly lazy kid without much ambition. My parents pushed me to go to college, which I did so I wouldn’t disappoint them and it was there I found purpose with photography. Years later I found my extremely supportive, caring and loving wife Robin and now we’re in Vermont together. Life is good.
Here’s a few photos from that morning.
Click on one to see a larger version and then you can scroll through all the images.

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