Master Printing

There’s a saying that it isn’t really a photo until it is printed. There is something special about seeing a beautiful print of your work.

When you need your photo to be a high quality print, then have it done by a professional photographer. Loren Fisher has been printing for over 40 years and knows how to get a great print. Loren will bring the most out of your image while using only archival, museum quality materials and processes. The ink and paper combinations used assure color fastness for a minimum of 70 years. The papers are free from optical brighteners (OBA). OBAs are chemicals used to make paper bright white but can yellow with time.

Loren will make your prints exactly as your image file is or work with you to bring out the full color and detail of your file.

Prints are made on a Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 printer using LUCIA PRO 11-color pigment inks, assuring brilliant colors, solid blacks and longevity.


Prints can be made on one of three surfaces:

• San Gabriel Baryta semi-gloss paper. A photo printed on Baryta shows high detail and rich, deep blacks. The Baryta surface has just a touch of texture to give the photo the rich tonality, depth  and feel of a traditional print. Colors pop on Baryta. The paper has a pleasant warm tone that adds natural richness to portraits and landscapes. Black & White photos have deep blacks and exceptional contrast.

• Palo Duro Etching 315 gives the classic look of a fine photographic art print. Made from 100% cotton rag, the surface adds just the right amount of texture to your print and will not distract from the details. This OBA-free archival paper is ideal for museum quality and conservation grade prints.

• Breathing Color Chromata White canvas. A matte finish canvas with incredible detail wide color gamut & Dmax, OBA-free, yet still bright white, 19 mil thickness and 390 gsm weight. Two coats of UV protecting matte varnish are applied to final print. Prices are for the print only. Stretching on 1.5 inch quality wood stretchers is available, a price will be quoted on request. Also available for canvas are black, white or walnut color floater frames to give your print a professional finished look.

Color Correction

Loren will print your files just as you send them or he can work on the color. The photos can be enhanced a little or made to really pop. Loren makes all of his prints so they look realistic, never over saturated or gaudy. A little enhancement might be to make the blacks stronger or change an obvious color cast. If you describe to Loren that you shot the photo at sunrise but you don’t think your file has that early morning punch, Loren will probably be able to bring it out. There is no extra fee for normal color correction. A digital proof will be sent for approval before printing. For prints above 24″ on the long edge, a three inch test strip print can be made for your approval before the final print is made. If you need other digital work done on your file, you’ll receive an estimate of cost before printing.


These are not WalMart prints. Loren works with museum quality materials to achieve top quality prints which will last a lifetime and are something you’ll be proud to call your own. Click here for the price sheet. Contact Loren for sizes not listed, he can print anything up to 44″ wide and as long as you want.

Delivery Times

Prints are generally ready in 10 days, depending on Loren’s heavy travel and workshop schedule. Rush orders are available for 50% fee. Prints can either be picked up at the LorenPhotos Gallery or shipped. Shipping fees will be included in Printing Estimate.

Your Files

Files should be .jpg, .psd or .tiff. TIFF is preferable. Talk to Loren if you want to send RAW format files. Files should be full size as created by your camera, don’t resize them. If you are using Lightroom, uncheck Resize To Fit so it will export the full image size. Loren will evaluate your file before printing and alert you to any potential problems.

Sending Files

You can use the uploader page if your file is under 256mb. Contact Loren for larger files and he will link you to a Dropbox. Please don’t email photos and don’t put them in a Zip file.

Get Started

Fill out the form below you’ll be emailed a Printing Estimate. Or contact Loren and we’ll discuss your needs and options.