Moonrise over Somerville

Tommorow will be a full moon, but tonight it looks great.

One of the most famous photos by Ansel Adams is Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico from 1941. Ever since photographers have tried to shoot a better moonrise picture but it still hasn’t been done. I gave it a shot tonight but somehow the back side of a building in Somerville, NJ, doesn’t compare to the landscape in New Mexico. But still, I like the color and warmth of the photo.

There are two moon facts that I know: a full moon always rises at sunset, and when photographing the moon, a proper exposure is the same as on earth at noon. I have found that the day before a full moon can be the best day to shoot the moon since the moon rises about an hour before sunset and there is still some light on buildings and things while a nearly full moon is visible. It makes it easier to balance the exposure of the foreground and the moon, so the moon isn’t just a white blob.

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