Indoor Light Painting online series

Jan. 12, Jan. 26 and Feb. 9 - Learn the magic of light painting using simple techniques and a small flashlight.

Lightroom: Getting Organized Workshop

Jan. 16 - Learn the power of Lightroom's Library module.

Lightroom: Getting Started with Developing

Jan. 24 - The Develop Module is where you make your images pop, this workshop will get you going to improving your photos.

Lightroom: Getting the Most out of Your Photos workshop

Feb. 7 -- You know the basics of Lightroom but know there is still more that you can get from Lightroom. I'll show you insights into advanced image processing that will make your photos like they were made by a professional. You'll learn how to visualize how photos can be improved, even while you are taking the shot, which is where it all begins.

Iceland Aurora and Ice Cave Photo Workshop

Cancelled - Feb. 8-14, 2021 - We will chase the northern lights, explore an incredible ice cave, visit the spectacular lagoon at Jokulsarlon, shoot fabulous waterfalls and much more.

Photoshop for Photogs online workshop

Feb. 15 & Feb. 17 - Photoshop is the ultimate image editing tool and is a complex beast. Learning it is intimidating and can be frustrating due to its extreme power. But most photographers don't need to know everything Photoshop does. There are several tools that are extremely beneficial, a few things that wouldn't be bad to know but aren't essential and then there is a ton of stuff that few photographers really need but graphic designers would use. This workshop is for photographers, showing you some of the things you can use to improve the look of your photos.

Acadia National Park Photography Workshop

June 2-6, 2021 -- The perfect location for a photography workshop is Acadia National Park in Maine. Acadia is a special place, the unique rocky shore, Cadillac Mountain, pristine ponds, old buggy trails and beauty everywhere you look. It is a favorite place for photographers and tourists, so we’ll go before the summer crowds arrive.

Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop 2021

Oct. 4-8 -- A fall foliage workshop and tour in Vermont's back roads with a professional photographer who knows the best locations should be on every photographer's bucket list. The stunning fall foliage is a visual feast for photographers and professional photographer Loren Fisher will take you on a classic Vermont experience designed to improve your photography skills while photographing the beauty of Autumn in New England.

Machu Picchu and Peru Photography Workshop

Nov. 7-14, 2021 - The history and beauty of Machu Picchu and Peru is what travel photography is all about.