Vermont Workshops

Vermont Getaway Photography Workshop

June 15-19 - Get away to Vermont for a fun, photo filled workshop where we'll photograph farms, waterfalls, covered bridges, ponds and a hot air balloon festival. We'll have a cookout around the campfire and picnic along a private pond.

Night Skies and Light Painting in Vermont Photography Workshop – July 8-11

SOLD OUT -- July 8-11 - Get away from city lights and explore photographing at night, astrophotography and light painting. You don’t have to head out west to find darkness, we’ll go to remote Vermont locations that offer tremendous views of the sky. I have mastered the technique of light painting: using flashlights to illuminate large objects in the dark. The combination of stars and light painting make for incredible images.

Night Skies and Light Painting in Vermont Photography Workshop – Aug. 6-9

SOLD OUT -- Aug. 6-9 - Come to Vermont to photograph the glorious night sky and learn what it takes to get magnificent photos.

Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop 2021

SOLD OUT - Oct. 4-8 -- A fall foliage workshop and tour in Vermont's back roads with a professional photographer who knows the best locations should be on every photographer's bucket list. The stunning fall foliage is a visual feast for photographers and professional photographer Loren Fisher will take you on a classic Vermont experience designed to improve your photography skills while photographing the beauty of Autumn in New England.