Not too abandoned in Iceland

The good thing about an overcast sky is that you don’t have to get up early to catch sunrise! We are all pretty tired from a long day of traveling to get to Iceland, especially since the flight is overnight and not long enough to get a full night’s sleep.

We headed out right away to one of Iceland’s most picturesque waterfalls. Kirkjufellfoss is best known for the towering nearby mountain but today the mountain was shrouded in fog. It didn’t allow us to the get classic shot I had hoped for but it is still pretty amazing with two sets of falls. They aren’t the biggest but they are extremely pretty.

After making plenty of pictures at the waterfalls we went to the nearby harbor town of Grundarfjörður. We went down to the industrial part of the harbor, which only had three of four boats and a few buildings including an abandoned fish processing plant. It being early and a Saturday I expected to see a few people but it was like a ghost town. We walked about for an hour without a car going past or seeing hardly any other people. It was a lot of fun and we found a nearby cafe for lunch that had plenty of people.

I had seen a sign for an artist who had fun stone sculptures around town. We drove over to his studio and he was outside carving away. Ludvik Karlsson likes to go by Liston and has some great work. He carves outside when he can and when it is too cold he goes inside and paints. We bought some small things he carved, I would love to be able to get some bigger work in my suitcase. Liston was a lot of fun to talk with and he enjoyed showing his power tools that are made in America.

We then headed to a lava field covered in moss and ventured to another black church in the extremely small village of Bjarnarhöfn. A sign says this little church is the oldest wood frame church in Iceland. From the size of the door, the people who built it weren’t very tall. It is an amazingly scenic location with rolling hills, sheep and horses and the a fjord behind it.

Our final shoot for the day was at an abandoned house out in the middle of nowhere. I drove down a long path and there it was, a stone foundation and walls were intact but the roof was gone. We still had cloudy skies, it would be great to photograph the stars out there with the old house. Hopefully on another trip.

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