On 9/11, photographing NYC is the place to be

Empty Sky: New Jersey, a new 9/11 monument

People living in the New York metro area have a deeper feeling for 9/11 than people around the country. I’ve talked to many friends and relatives from different areas and they don’t have the sense of loss that people near New York.

Everybody here knew somebody or knew somebody whose relative died that horrific day. I’m not saying people here are special, it is just that 9/11 is stamped much deeper in our hearts.

One of the most ominous memorials is the beacon of lights that shine from lower Manhattan. Last year they said it would be the last year, but there were back for one night again this year. So I went to Jersey City to shoot across the Hudson River and see the lights.

I hadn’t been to Liberty State Park for a couple of years. Last year they dedicated a new 9/11 memorial in the park, right by the river. The monument is called Empty Sky: New Jersey. It is a stunning monument that lines up with the fallen buildings. The monument has two tall walls with the names of New Jersey residents who died on 9/11 inscribed on the inside.

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