Original photography used for RAM Truck Farmer commercial

The power of the still image shined bright during the Super Bowl last night. I was struck by the incredible moments and portraits used in the RAM Truck “Farmers” commercial. Immediately the photos hit me and made me wonder where they came from.

It turns out ad agency The Richards Group in Dallas commissioned 10 photographers to shoot the images, including National Geographic photographer William Albert Allard and documentary photographer Kurt Markus. All the photos used in the ad were originals shot just for the ad, according to a Chrysler press release. The voice-over was recorded by legendary radio newsman/commentator Paul Harvey over 30 years ago.

It amazes me that more agencies and companies don’t understand the power of original photography.

One thought on “Original photography used for RAM Truck Farmer commercial”

  1. Hi Loren,
    Thanks for posting this- I cant agree with you more. The gorgeous images used in this commercial prove a perfect example of how the use of original photography, commissioned for a particular purpose, is the most effective way for a company to convey their message. Bravo!
    (I wish I could find the full list of the ten photographers used in the project)

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