Our damage from Irene wasn’t major in Vermont

Water flowed off our property and washed out the street.

After making it through Hurricane Irene and getting back to the routine of work yesterday, we got a call that our house in Vermont had a small river running through the yard and the basement was full of water. I started the five-hour drive north and immediately had to make detours. I-287 in NJ was washed out and so were many other roads on the way. There was only one road open into Woodstock, Vt., Route 4 from the east. Later I learned that nearly every road in the southern half of the state had major damage.

On our property there is a small brook that runs into a drainage culvert and it was plugged. Massive amounts of water came over the top and washed out our driveway and filled the basement. The water was still flowing through the yard when I arrived Monday night and I was able to open another plugged drain and divert the water away from the house.

We were lucky that we only had a couple of trees come down and need to replace the water heater, service the furnance and rebuild the driveway.

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