Our last night at the Florida Photography Workshop

eagle pairIt has been a fun week shooting around Florida with my workshop. Our last evening we went to Joe Overstreet Landing just south of Orlando. It isn’t anything remarkable, a five-mile dirt road that just happens to be lined with lots of wildlife and ends at a public boat landing on Lake Kissimmee. Eagles tend to hang out at the landing, so if eagles are around, I’m there. I can’t get enough.

I went last week to scout it and there was a fishing tournament going on and no birds to be found with all the boats running around. When we got to the landing today, there weren’t all the boats but there were two bald eagles sitting on posts at the end of the pier. How cool.

great horned owlAfter helping a hapless kid get his new boat on his trailer that his girlfriend jackknifed three times, we headed back down the dirt road and right away Fred spotted a great horned owl sitting on top of a utility pole. It was pretty high but another landed on a fence post, which made some nice shots. We continued on and soon there was a sandhill crane walking on the edge of the road. It didn’t mind if we shots some photos, so we did.

A little farther down the road three birds were working on some road kill. One was a bald eagle and the other two looked like mini bald eagles with black heads. It turns out they were Crested Caracaras, which were new to me. They were pretty shy and I didn’t get a good photo of them but they were fun to see.

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