Photo adventure to the Outer Banks


20140315-LEF_7671-2I’d never been to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, so back in January when my wife Robin was lamenting about all the snow and said she wanted to sit on a beach, I suggested Hatteras. We thought about going farther south but figured it would still be much warmer there than up north come mid-March, so she found a nice little cabana on the beach and we made our plans for a long weekend.

We got there Saturday afternoon and had time to walk on the beach as the sun set. I’ve been taking pictures of myself with a 16mm lens for years, now that it has the name “selfie” it doesn’t seem as unique but I still like the shot of me and Robin. She left the beach as the sun sank low and did a little shooting in the light that was left. The beach there has lots more stones than NJ and I found a shell in the sand that I liked so I worked it for a while.

Once the sun was gone I tried some other shots but wasn’t too thrilled with any of the images.

The next morning I got out well before sunrise and got some nice shots over the Atlantic. The distance clouds over the ocean filtered the light and created beautiful colors overhead and reflections in the water. Since it was essentially still dark outside, I had to use a long exposure, which made the water smooth and creamy and blended the colors. It was a beautiful morning and I was happy to come away with a great photo.

The clouds rolled in by 10 a.m. and that was the last time we saw the sun. Rain soon followed and the rest of our stay was the only weather I don’t like – 40-degrees and rain. We enjoyed the getaway but she didn’t get to sit on the beach and I didn’t shoot many more pictures.


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