Video: Pixels, Resolution and Your Digital Files seminar

There doesn’t seem to much more confusing when dealing with digital files than image resolution and pixel sizes. When you are posting, sharing or printing your photos the proper resolution is key to getting the look you want and speedy transmission. In this online seminar I talked about image resolution, knowing how big your files are, what size they should be and how to make them that size. Enjoy the video.

One thought on “Video: Pixels, Resolution and Your Digital Files seminar”

  1. I drop dpi from 300 dpi to 72 dpi for the resolution. If I am going to put my images on flicker or on google drive- to share with other people – do not want to have them printing my work. Then should I be leaving the other dimensions the same?

    Some classes at MassArt wanted other dmensions to be 1500 x 1152 – think this may have been pixels, but not sure – Should I be doing things differently – sometimes where were shared as JPEGS and other times as PDFs. Resolution at 72 dpi.


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