Favorite photos from 2022

I don’t particularly like year-in-review stuff, especially on TV news where they are just...
30th Dec 22

Who doesn’t love a good snowstorm?

Not much makes me happier than knowing a good snowstorm is coming. It is...
17th Dec 22

So long neighbor

When we bought our house in Woodstock, one of the first people to greet...
7th Dec 22

Getting to know about the people of Peru

I just finished a wonderful 10 days in Peru. Lima is a cool city,...
12th Nov 22

Machu Picchu and Pachamama

  I’ve always heard about Machu Picchu and how incredible it is and how...
8th Nov 22

Visiting true Inca descendents

Today we made a special trip, winding through a narrow mountain ride, climbing until...
6th Nov 22

Guinea pig diplomacy

Guinea pigs are a bit of a delicacy in Peru and they didn’t seem...
5th Nov 22

Using the drone for Vermont fall foliage

Fall foliage season in Vermont is a special time of year and I can’t...
17th Oct 22

Loving life in Vermont

As the fall foliage season was winding down a couple of weeks ago in...
15th Oct 22

Experiencing a volcano

Last year I hesitated going to Iceland when the volcano erupted in April. I...
12th Aug 22

One of those great snowy days

It snows a good deal in Vermont and I try to get out in...
25th Feb 22

Iceland always lives up to the hype

I just got back from another exciting workshop in Iceland. It was my seventh...
21st Aug 21

Seeing Fagradalsfjall gurgle in Iceland

I’ve been watching Fagradalsfjall, Iceland’s latest volcanic eruption for the past few months, hoping...
13th Aug 21

Favorites from 2020

Yea, 2020 was a strange year. There was way too much loss but there...
1st Jan 21

Video: Chimping, Blinkies and Histograms

Getting the proper exposure is a constant challenge for photographers. In this seminar I...
1st Nov 20

Milky Way fun in New Hampshire

I decided to head over to New Hampshire last night for some Milky Way...
19th Jun 20

Woodstock vigil for justice

There was a vigil for justice today in Woodstock, VT, where about 300 people...
7th Jun 20

I need your feedback

Like many businesses, mine is in total disarray. I love taking photographers in my...
27th May 20

An evening in a sculpture park

  If I wasn’t a photographer I might be a sculptor. I wouldn’t be...
22nd May 20

Video: Digital Work Flow and Image Storage

Finding your digital photos, knowing where they are stored and making sure you have...
21st May 20

International Space Station meet Polaris

I love when when great planning comes together to create a good picture. I...
19th May 20

Will Iceland be the safest place this summer?

It looks like Iceland will be one of the safest places to be this...
15th May 20

Video: Light Painting Objects Small and Large seminar

One of my favorite things to do in photography is use a flash light...
7th May 20

Video: Eliminating objects in Photoshop

There are times when we just can’t get rid of obstacles in our photos...
30th Apr 20

Focus stacking photos in Photoshop

There are times when you can get everything in focus that you want, especially...
17th Apr 20

Video: Pixels, Resolution and Your Digital Files seminar

There doesn’t seem to much more confusing when dealing with digital files than image...
16th Apr 20

Beth Payne talks about using photography to be more resilient

During my workshop in Cuba last month I was lucky to have Beth Payne...
15th Apr 20

Video: Converting Photos to Black & White

Using Lightroom to convert photos to Black & White is a great way to...
9th Apr 20

Video: Introduction to Lightroom

Lightroom has become the dominant photo organization and editing program. Its ease of use...
29th Mar 20

Goodbye Dillon, you’ll always be a source of strength

A dear friend died last night. Marilyn Dillon was a co-worker and friend and...
28th Mar 20

Video: Exposure Modes

As part of my free monthly photography seminar series, here is Exposure Modes. 
25th Mar 20

Photos from Cuba

So much happened in Cuba with the coronavirus hanging over our heads, even there...
25th Mar 20

Video: Printing Your Photos

As part of my free monthly photography seminar series, here is Printing Your Photos. 
27th Feb 20

Iceland just keeps on giving

I have to admit that before I went to Iceland I was thinking that...
22nd Feb 20

Loving an Icelandic ice cave

Iceland is full of wonder, maybe one of the most amazing is ice cave...
19th Feb 20

Aurora in Iceland

Nature is amazing and one of the most unique sights is the Aurora Borealis...
17th Feb 20

Vermont’s Winter Wonderland

Each year I host a winter workshop from my home in Woodstock, VT. Early...
2nd Feb 20

A night in New York City

Last night was a fun workshop in New York City. All day there was...
26th Jan 20

Video: Focusing Your Camera

From my monthly photography seminar series, this video is about focusing your camera. It...
22nd Jan 20

Christmas present forces new iPhone

I got a nice new Apple Watch for Christmas from my lovely wife Robin....
31st Dec 19

Classic Blue is color of the year

Pantone recently announced Classic Blue (19-4052) as the 2020 Color of the Year and...
31st Dec 19

Favorite photos of 2019

I keep getting older and life keeps getting better! Sure, creaky bones and old...
30th Dec 19

Photos hanging at Woodstock Inn

I just completed a new installation of four photos at The Woodstock Inn in...
27th Dec 19

Video: Photography Gadgets

As part of my monthly seminar series, we had a fun evening talking about...
19th Dec 19

Don’t hang your photos too high

I’ve come to realize that many people don’t properly hang their photos. It becomes...
20th Nov 19

Streaking at the Brooklyn Bridge

A fun workshop that I do with fellow professional photographer Ron Lake is a...
26th Oct 19

Gallery opening celebration

Today was a special day – the official grand opening of my photography gallery...
20th Oct 19

Spectacular fall foliage in Vermont

Many people in Vermont said the foliage this year is the best it has...
14th Oct 19

Light painting a Vermont island

One of the techniques I enjoy doing with my photography is light painting. Much...
9th Oct 19

Photographing lighthouses in Maine

Maine’s coast is hard to beat for great scenery and when you toss in...
29th Sep 19

Video: Let’s Talk Filters

Let’s Talk Filters is a fun video is part of my monthly photography seminar...
25th Sep 19

Facing the heat in Bucks County

I did a workshop in Bucks County, PA, back in July and it had...
22nd Sep 19

Video: Why I Always Shoot With a Tripod

As part of my monthly online seminar series, I did a session about tripods....
5th Sep 19

Hello Reykjavik, goodbye Iceland

The final full day of my Iceland Photography Workshop was spent in Reykjavik, Iceland’s...
22nd Aug 19

A little Icelandic wind to keep things interesting

Today we made the journey back to Reykjavik as my Iceland Photography Workshop is...
21st Aug 19

Playing around Iceland’s largest glacier

Iceland is known for waterfalls and glaciers, yesterday I took my workshop to the...
20th Aug 19

Peace and waterfalls in Iceland

Toady we made the long drive from Grundarfjörður down to Vic, our Summer Iceland...
19th Aug 19

Another Icelandic journey

We started my latest Iceland Photo Workshop by heading north to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula,...
18th Aug 19

Stars shining bright in Vermont

Getting out at night and seeing the stars is something that I never get...
9th Aug 19

Fun at night in Somerville

Last night I did another version of a fun workshop, night photography. I love...
28th Jul 19

Video: What Lens Should I Use?

One of the most common questions I get during workshops is What lens should...
24th Jul 19

Art on the streets of New York City

Today was a fun workshop that I ran for the first time. It was...
7th Jul 19

Hurray for the Hungry Hound

A quick shout out to my sister-in-law Penny Milligan who opened a new store...
6th Jul 19

Stunned by the total solar eclipse

I saw my first total solar eclipse while in the Oregon desert in 2017...
3rd Jul 19

The perfect place for eclipse viewing

Running around Chile without speaking much Spanish is a bit intimidating but what a...
1st Jul 19

From street art to Milky Way

This Chile adventure keeps getting better. Today we made the journey along the coast...
29th Jun 19

The capital of street art

This is the first official day of a photo adventure in Chile as we...
28th Jun 19

In Chile for another photo adventure

I’ve been looking forward to this trip for a long time, almost two years....
27th Jun 19

Chasing the sun in Tuscany

Tuscany is famous amongst photographers for the great light, especially the way it falls...
23rd May 19

Admiring New Jersey’s gardens

New Jersey is the Garden State after all. And there are many public gardens...
9th May 19

Being creative in Cape May

One of New Jersey’s many jewels is Cape May, a beautiful beach town at...
6th May 19

Another shot at New York City bridges

One of the really fun workshops I do is a day in New York...
28th Apr 19

A great weekend in New York City

This weekend was a fun one, I lead a three-day photography workshop in New...
8th Apr 19

Chasing the aurora in Vermont

There is something about the Aurora Borealis that fascinates me. The thought that light...
24th Mar 19

Venice, Italy, is a place like no other

One of the great thrills of my job is hosting photography workshops in great...
7th Mar 19

More color than you can imagine in Burano

One of the island in the Venice lagoon is Burano and it is one...
7th Mar 19

Costumes take over Venice during Carnival

I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I joined with Ron Lake to...
6th Mar 19

A great Iceland winter experience

This was my fourth trip to Iceland in less than a year and the...
15th Feb 19

A windy shot at aurora in Iceland

My annual Iceland Winter Photography Workshop starts tomorrow. I like to arrive a day...
8th Feb 19

Just one more shot, please

After my Vermont Winter Wonderland Workshop yesterday I took a couple of people over...
28th Jan 19

It’s good to know good people

After my Vermont Winter Wonderland Photography Workshop today I took three stragglers over to...
27th Jan 19

Another great Vermont Winter Workshop

There is something about getting out in the crisp, cold air and making photos...
27th Jan 19

Breaking balloons and high speed photography

Today was a fun workshop, it was based around high speed photography. What that...
14th Jan 19

2018 has been a year of excitement

It’s hard to believe we’ve made another trip around the sun. As I look...
31st Dec 18

A day photographing bridges in New York City

I had a fun day today in the big city with friend and fellow...
23rd Dec 18

Looking forward to returning to southern Chile and the solar eclipse

Now that I am back home and had a chance to catch my breath...
10th Dec 18

Taking in southern Chile’s coast

Today I drove from southern Chile’s lake region over to the Pacific coast. I...
9th Dec 18

Exploring a thermal spring in southern Chile

After leaving the large lake today I went to one of southern Chile’s more...
8th Dec 18

I know why they call it Chile’s Lake Region

While eating dinner last night Bob and I were talking to our waiter, a...
8th Dec 18

Dust, waterfalls and lakes in southern Chile

The purpose of my trip to southern Chile is to scout the area and...
7th Dec 18

Venturing to the lake area of southern Chile

After my experience photographing 2016’s total solar eclipse in Oregon, I decided I was...
6th Dec 18

Peeking into Manhattan from a Brooklyn perspective

Last night was another fun night photography workshop in New York City. We started...
18th Nov 18

A fun time on the street in Chinatown

Today was a bit of a different workshop: street photography in New York. Street...
11th Nov 18

A beautiful day of photography in Bucks County

I had a lot of fun today doing a one-day workshop in Bucks County,...
4th Nov 18

An autumn tour of the Connecticut countryside

Today I joined forces with friend and Connecticut photographer Ron Lake for a tour...
28th Oct 18

You never know what you’ll find in NYC

Last night was another workshop in New York City focusing on night photography. We...
26th Oct 18

Trying something new when making water drops collide

I’ve been playing a lot the last with photographing colliding water drops, at least...
20th Oct 18

Taking to the air over Far Hills

Each year there is a massive event in Central New Jersey called the Far...
20th Oct 18

Vermont fall foliage never disappoints

It was a magical week for my annual Vermont Fall Foliage Workshop. I can’t...
12th Oct 18

Exploring New York City at night

I’m not really a night owl but I had a great time last night...
30th Sep 18

Looking around The Ville at night

Last night I held a night photography workshop in Somerville, NJ. It is always...
29th Sep 18

New York has gone to the pigeons

I went to Washington Square Park today and ran across Paul, a guy who...
21st Sep 18

A different look around the World Trade Center

Walking around an area where the world changed is pretty intense. It is hard...
31st Aug 18

Goodbye Iceland, for now

I always have mixed feelings about a workshop being over, especially when it is...
23rd Aug 18

What’s all the Iceland foss about?

Today as part of my Iceland Photography Workshop we headed back to Reykjavik but...
22nd Aug 18

Things that are uniquely Iceland

If I could only spend one day in Iceland and want to see things...
21st Aug 18

Puffins and volcanic beaches in Iceland

Today for my Iceland Photography Workshop we made the fairly long drive from the Snaefellsjokull...
20th Aug 18

What to do when the sky doesn’t cooperate in Iceland

Today as part of my Iceland Photography Workshop we ventured up to Kirkjufellsfoss, one...
19th Aug 18

A white wedding at a black Icelandic church

One of my favorite scenes in Iceland is the church painted black in Budir....
18th Aug 18

Seals and horses welcome us to Iceland

We we blessed to start off my latest Iceland Photography Workshop with great weather....
18th Aug 18

Getting to Iceland early

My latest Iceland Photography Workshop starts tomorrow and I came a day early to...
17th Aug 18

Getting ready for New York City photography workshops

I’ve been wanting to do photography workshops and tours in New York City for...
16th Aug 18

Bonus night for night skies workshop

My three night Vermont Night Skies and Light Painting Workshop finished last night and...
5th Aug 18

Shooting stars and the ISS

We got a special treat tonight during my Vermont Night Skies and Light Painting...
4th Aug 18

Seeing night skies in Vermont

This evening was the first session of my Vermont Night Skies and Light Painting...
2nd Aug 18

There’s lots of color in those balloons

I love to fly in hot air balloons and they are almost as much...
27th Jul 18

Iceland is a special place

This is the last day of my Iceland photography workshop, it is always sad...
25th Jul 18

Photographing pretty puffins in Iceland

The cutest thing in Iceland and some people think anyplace, are puffins. They are...
24th Jul 18

A green day in Iceland

From our hotel in Vic we ventured even farther along the coast today. We...
23rd Jul 18

A day of waterfalls in Iceland

Today we left the Snaefellsjokull Peninsula to go to the southern end of Iceland along...
22nd Jul 18

Not too abandoned in Iceland

The good thing about an overcast sky is that you don’t have to get...
21st Jul 18

Not the best start for an Iceland workshop

It is great to be back in Iceland although I’m not off to a...
20th Jul 18

The great search for the red barn

Several years ago I photographed a red barn somewhere near my Woodstock, VT, house....
27th Jun 18

Final day in Acadia

Today was the last day of my Acadia Photography Workshop for this year. It...
6th Jun 18

Making the most of a rainy day

Our streak of great weather ended and the rain has taken over at my...
5th Jun 18

Fighting the fog on Cadillac Mountain

Our early morning at my Acadia Photography Workshop started with a drive up Cadillac...
4th Jun 18

Beautiful afternoon for stomping around Acadia

After our early morning shoot during my Acadia Photography Workshop we took a mid...
3rd Jun 18

Early sunrise in Acadia

We got off to an early start today at my Acadia Photography Workshop, sunrise...
3rd Jun 18

Off and running at Acadia workshop

This afternoon was the start of my Acadia Photography Workshop in wonderful Maine. We...
2nd Jun 18

A day in Acadia

The bad thing about loving to shoot sunrise is that I have to get...
1st Jun 18

Blessed to be in Acadia

On Saturday is the start of the 2018 edition of my Acadia Workshop in...
31st May 18

Covered bridge under the stars

I spend a lot of time in Vermont, though not nearly enough. It seems...
15th May 18

A pretty evening on the Delaware

The weather was looking pretty stormy this afternoon so I decided to see if...
10th May 18

Putting light on an old bunker

The last thing we did today during my Cape May Photographic Creativity Workshop was...
5th May 18

Using exposure as a creative device

Workshops are just plain fun! It is great to get out with people, think...
5th May 18

Thinking about creativity in Cape May

This afternoon was the start of my Cape May Photographic Creativity Workshop and I...
4th May 18

A peaceful morning on Cape May beach

Today is the start of my Cape May Photographic Creativity Workshop and I started...
4th May 18

Using a long exposure to build up color

There is something special about a long exposure – especially when water is involved....
3rd May 18

In my mind there is always more to a pretty sunset

There are times when I’m shooting and big, heavy thoughts come into my head....
3rd May 18

Newest Lightroom adds Camera Profiles

Adobe’s latest release of Lightroom has a major improvement – camera profiles. You may...
10th Apr 18

Keeping your photography equipment safe when traveling

I’m a trusting person but when I’m traveling one of my major fears is...
24th Mar 18

I’ll see you again soon Iceland

After 10 days in Iceland it was finally time to go home. I wasn’t...
16th Mar 18

The saddest day – the last one of our Iceland photo workshop

Today we are making our way back to Reykjavik and I’m feeling a bit...
15th Mar 18

More wind and rain in Iceland

My Iceland photography workshop is winding down and the weather isn’t being nice. Another...
14th Mar 18

Ice caves will protect you from the weather

It looks like our streak of great Iceland weather has come to an end....
13th Mar 18

Black sand blowing everywhere in Iceland

We drove father east this morning for my Iceland photo workshop and the wind...
12th Mar 18

There’s a lot of ice in Iceland

We started the third day of my Iceland photo workshop at the largest glacier...
11th Mar 18

A day of color in Iceland

This is our first day of shooting in my Iceland photography workshop. Last night the...
10th Mar 18

Frozen waterfalls and a church painted black in Iceland

In my Iceland research I came across a waterfall that lines up nicely with...
8th Mar 18

My first day in Iceland

Life is wonderful. I landed in Iceland this morning, made my way through the...
7th Mar 18

Ending another great winter photography workshop

The worst day of any workshop is the last when I have to say...
4th Feb 18

Beautiful sunrise, frozen lake and waterfalls and a wet foot

We got a break from yesterday’s brutal cold and started my Vermont Winter Wonderland...
3rd Feb 18

It’s a winter wonderland photo workshop and it’s cold

Today was the first day of my annual Vermont Winter Wonderland Photography Workshop. The...
2nd Feb 18

Red Vermont barns leading up to winter workshop

Tomorrow I host my annual Vermont Winter Photography Workshop, so while I was out...
1st Feb 18

When it’s cold out, freeze some soap bubbles

When I got up this morning it was -12 degrees outside my house in...
6th Jan 18

Looking back at some favorite photos of 2017

Click on one the above photos to click through larger versions of...
31st Dec 17

When water drops collide, cool photos are created

Photographing water fascinates me, it can be the waves of the ocean,...
30th Dec 17

Pudge breaks in new holiday background

When my sister-in-law Penny opened The Hungry Hound in downtown Somerville 13 years ago,...
11th Nov 17

A beautiful day for helicoptering above New Jersey

Today is one the more fun photo assignments I have every year, I hang...
21st Oct 17

That eclipse has me looking at the sky

It’s been over a week since experiencing the total solar eclipse in Oregon but...
31st Aug 17

Fun times in Oregon for the solar eclipse workshop

The day after always seems to be the hardest. I got back yesterday from...
23rd Aug 17

Experiencing a total solar eclipse is undescribable

There are some things in life you just can’t explain, you have to experience....
22nd Aug 17

Food trucks and Voodoo Donuts keep Portland weird

I enjoy a good adventure and this is looking to be a great one....
17th Aug 17

Once again my face is plastered against the airplane window

I know I’m supposed to be more sophisticated as a professional photographer than to...
15th Aug 17

Looking back at a great Provence, France workshop

It took me a while to get through all my photos, but I finally...
15th Jul 17

Nice, France is nice

My workshop partner, Ron Lake, and I stayed an extra day in Nice after...
8th Jul 17

A beautiful last workshop day in Provence, France

This morning we went over to Roussillion to see the unique ochre trail. The...
6th Jul 17

The view from Provence is great

While we were getting breakfast at a great little bakery in Gordes, I walked...
5th Jul 17

Celebrating July 4th with lavender

It is a little strange to be in a foreign country on the Fourth...
4th Jul 17

The beauty of an abbey and lavender in France

The fun and excitement of the Provence Workshop took a hit today, we had...
3rd Jul 17

The lavender goes forever in Provence, France

One thing about leading a photo workshop in places like Provence, France, is that...
2nd Jul 17

Understanding France’s lavender fields’ sounds

Today was the first day of real shooting for my photo workshop in Provence,...
1st Jul 17

Being seen in Saint Tropez

Tomorrow starts my Provence photo workshop in France, but I came over a little...
30th Jun 17

I love finding a new meadow of wild lupines

Lupine grow in the wild from Maine to California and even down to Florida...
15th Jun 17

I’m still a kid when it comes to flying

There I was, sitting in the window seat as usual and the only person...
11th May 17

Oregon’s coast is full of surprises

Today I drove from my sister’s house in Grants Pass north along Oregon’s coast...
10th May 17

A quick visit to my sister and Crater Lake

Today was a driving day, I went from north east central Oregon down to...
9th May 17

A cool place to photograph the total solar eclipse

My journey to Oregon was to nail down a great location for my workshop...
8th May 17

Oregon’s high desert is a desolate and unique place

While wandering through Oregon’s high desert scouting locations for my workshop to photograph the total...
8th May 17

Doing a final check on Oregon solar eclipse workshop locations

I landed in Portland, OR, this afternoon to do some final scouting for my...
7th May 17

If you think winter is over, come to Vermont

Most of the east coast is thinking winter is over and spring is springing....
6th Apr 17

I don’t understand photographers traveling light

I just read another “pro” blog saying to leave your DSLR camera and lenses...
4th Apr 17

Having personal photography projects keep you motivated and focused

Personal photography projects large and small keep photographers enthused and motivated and are a...
30th Mar 17

Sunrise at Juno Pier

One of the nice things about doing art shows in Florida is being able...
23rd Feb 17

Lot’s of snow for Vermont Winter Photography Workshop

Today was the last day for this year’s Vermont Winter Photography Workshop. The weather...
5th Feb 17

Birch trees always capture my imagination

My love affair with birch trees continues. There is a fairly large grove about...
3rd Feb 17

Goodbye to a great friend

One of my best friends succumbed to the ravages of cancer yesterday. Sophie was...
31st Jan 17

Shoot fun macro photos when stuck indoors

I like macro photography, getting up close and taking a different look at things....
28th Jan 17

Unexpected sighting while on a Florida beach

I went to a Ft. Meyers beach for sunrise today that is more populated...
5th Jan 17

Watching willets at Ding Darling

I love the name Ding Darling, it is a National Wildlife Refuge on Florida’s...
4th Jan 17

My favorite photos from 2016

For a lot of reasons, it is good to have 2016 behind us. It...
1st Jan 17

Happy Winter Solstice

I drove 150 miles today around Vermont making pictures on a beautiful day –...
21st Dec 16

Greenery is the 2017 color of the year

I love the bright greens of spring, so it was fun to see that...
18th Dec 16

John Glenn was a true American hero

We lost one of the American great ones today – John Glenn. He was...
8th Dec 16

A fun weekend of photographing eagles

I took my Meetup.com groups to Conowingo Dam in Darlington, MD, for a fun...
4th Dec 16

Canon’s 11-24mm zoom is an incredible lens

Today I got to play with Canon’s newest wide angle marvel, the EF 11-24mm...
3rd Dec 16

Thinking back on a unique Korean experience

I came across an old photo today and all these years later it makes...
21st Nov 16

Super moon in Charleston

While on my way back to N.J. after two art shows in Florida, I...
14th Nov 16

Watching the color float past on a Florida beach

I was out on a beach tonight in Jupiter, Florida, as the sun went...
8th Nov 16

Hanging out at Pensacola’s pier

While doing the art show in Pensacola, FL, I’m getting lots of requests for...
5th Nov 16

A real Kodak moment

This weekend I have an art show in Pensacola, Florida, which is a long...
2nd Nov 16

Making an island glow

At Chittenden Reservoir in Vermont there is a pretty little island about 300 yards...
10th Oct 16

Beauty on the way to Stowe

This weekend I am participating in an art show in Stowe, VT, about 80...
8th Oct 16

Last day of this year’s Vermont Fall Foliage Workshop

It is always sad to come to the last day of a workshop when...
5th Oct 16

Meeting the friendly people of Vermont

We headed north today during my Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop, to check out...
4th Oct 16

Making quick friends

As the week goes on the color gets better at my Vermont Fall Foliage...
3rd Oct 16

Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop off to a good start

This is the first shooting day of my annual Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop...
2nd Oct 16

Hanging out with a friend in a birch tree grove

Later today is the start of my annual Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop, which...
1st Oct 16

Tuscany photo workshop comes to an end

Today was the last day of a great Tuscany photo workshop. It was a...
7th Jul 16

Tuscany’s rolling hills, wheat and trees make great photos

The rolling hills of Tuscany are filled with wheat and it is being harvested...
6th Jul 16

Lots of sites and people in Rome

I arrived in Italy yesterday for my Tuscany Photography Workshop that starts tomorrow. I’m...
29th Jun 16

Finding something different during Acadia workshop

During my workshop today in Acadia National Park, we were on top of the...
5th Jun 16

A surprise visitor appears at birch tree grove

I was out in a stand of birch trees as the sun came up...
21st May 16

A final look back at Guatemala

Now that I am back home after flying all day yesterday, I can take...
21st Mar 16

Hang on to your wallet and passport when traveling

Like I said yesterday, the people of Guatemala are very friendly, except for that...
15th Mar 16

Finding the beauty of Antigua, Guatemala

Today we traveled to Antigua, Guatemala, a beautiful town hidden behind walls. All the...
14th Mar 16

Guatemalan Procession is like no other

Edgar and I got up early and went to a large procession in a...
13th Mar 16

Welcome to Guatemala

I arrived in Guatemala City today for my five-day Guatemala Photo Workshop. I was...
12th Mar 16

Vintage cameras from a friend feel right at home

I don’t know how I got so lucky to have great family and friends....
9th Feb 16

Fun at the Winter Photography Workshop

Hosting a photo workshop is fun, it is hard work, but boy is it...
7th Feb 16

Feeling grateful for a beautiful 2015

Joshua star trails ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 49 Star trails behind...
28th Dec 15

A night of fun photos in Joshua Tree National Park

On a quick trip to southern California, my friend John invited me to go...
23rd Nov 15

Tech tip: Tripod buying guide – How to select the tripod that is right for you

Download Video as MP4 Tripod buying guide – selecting the right tripod for you...
11th Nov 15

The latest sunrise of the year and unexpected frost

Today is my favorite day of the year to shoot sunrise, the sun rises...
31st Oct 15

Shooting macros of leaves in my backyard

     As I was out early this morning getting some shots from the last...
31st Oct 15

Photo Tip: Light painting during the day

I was out in my favorite location in Pomfret, VT, looking for foliage photos...
9th Oct 15

Last day of Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop

Several years ago I found this great little overlook in Bridgewater, VT, that has...
7th Oct 15

Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop Day 3

We started the day at one of the most famous Vermont locations for photography...
6th Oct 15

Day two of Vermont Fall Foliage Workshop

We did a ton of driving yesterday seeking the best color in the leaves....
5th Oct 15

Kicking off my Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop

My annual Vermont Fall Foliage Photography workshop is my favorite of the year. I...
4th Oct 15

The old and new coexist along New York City’s High Line

One of New York City’s newest attractions was made out of something old. Someone...
23rd Aug 15

Finding a face at the fair

The annual Somerset County 4-H Fair is one of the few places in New...
13th Aug 15

Good pizza in Mystic

This weekend’s art show is in Mystic, CT, which is most famous for the...
7th Aug 15

Enjoying the LBI sunset tradition

This weekend I’m doing an art show on New Jersey’s Long Beach Island and...
1st Aug 15

Getting a shot of Manhattenhenge

It only happens twice a year and it is one of those strange New...
12th Jul 15

Making the best of a long drive home

Whenever I make a long drive, like to my Acadia National Park photography Workshop,...
6th Jun 15

Final day of Acadia workshop

Today was the last day of the Acadia Photography Workshop. It was a good...
5th Jun 15

Finally some sunshine at Acadia

This was the day we have been waiting for. Sunrise was disappointing, we were...
4th Jun 15

Tumbling rocks at Little Hunter’s Beach

We got rid of the rain and had hope for a sunny day as...
3rd Jun 15

Rain, rain, go away

Our planned shoot late yesterday afternoon during the first day of my Acadia photo...
2nd Jun 15

Welcome to Acadia

I made the drive to Maine yesterday so I could do a little final...
31st May 15

Last day in Hawaii

This is our last day in Hawaii. It has been fun but the weather...
10th May 15

Walter tries to catch a wave

Today we started off at sunrise but the weather wasn’t our friend and we...
9th May 15

Sunrise in paradise

The good thing about Hawaii being six hours behind East Coast time is that...
8th May 15

Finally knocking off my 50th state

I’ve gone on several photo adventures with photographer friend Walter Choroszewski, but this one...
7th May 15

Sunrise on the last day of Cherry Blossom workshop

For the last day of the Washington Cherry Blossom Photography Workshop, we started before...
12th Apr 15

Washington’s cherry blossoms bring out the crowds

We started the second day of the Washington Cherry Blossom Photography Workshop before sunrise...
11th Apr 15

Appreciating Washington, DC

Today was the start of the Cherry Blossom Photography Workshop in Washington, D.C., with...
10th Apr 15

Simplifying neutral density filters

Let’s start with when you need a neutral density filter. A normal ND filter...
26th Mar 15

Lot’s of beauty in Florida

View thumbnails It has been a great week driving around Florida and shooting birds...
21st Mar 15

Last day of Florida photo workshop

Today was the end of a fun workshop I hosted in Florida. We went...
20th Mar 15

Venice rookery: always full of birds

I daydream a lot about what places must have looked like before humans decided...
19th Mar 15

Our last night at the Florida Photography Workshop

It has been a fun week shooting around Florida with my workshop. Our last...
19th Mar 15

I always wanted an Airstream but not like these

I’m a big fan of people doing weird things with common objects, so when...
19th Mar 15

Ding Darling isn’t done

Through the years I’ve read about the great wildlife at the Ding Darling National...
17th Mar 15

Burrowing owls take over Cape Coral

There are these cute little owls called burrowing owls that live in Florida and...
17th Mar 15

I’m not a birder but I like photographing them

I decided to host a photography workshop in Florida based around photographing birds, not...
16th Mar 15

Winter is hard but beautiful

Today we finished my winter photography workshop in Woodstock, Vt. It can be hard...
7th Feb 15

Photo Tip: Fancy Fill Flash

Many photographers use fill flash outdoors when faces are in the shadow. The flash...
14th Jan 15

Photo Tip: Don’t give up on the dark

During a workshop in Cape May, NJ, we were getting pretty tired at the...
12th Jan 15

Photo Tip: Don’t be afraid to photograph people

Many photographers are hesitant to photograph people. I understand the reasons, but with the...
12th Jan 15

Photo Tip: Get the right exposure in snow

Since we still have the snowiest months coming, here is a vital tip when...
4th Jan 15

Taking a 10-day photo challenge

Friend Lisa Lacasse invited me to join her Queechee Area Camera Club 10-day photo...
3rd Jan 15

Looking for the details on a frosty morning

When it is cold like it was this morning in Vermont, I look for...
3rd Jan 15

Cold day in Vermont

I love the cold, at least the way it looks. It was 6 degrees...
3rd Jan 15

Photo tip: Proper use of a telephoto

I hear a lot of people saying that an iPhone will make pictures as...
30th Dec 14

Favorite photos of 2014

The end of the year is a good time for me to look back...
30th Dec 14

Photo Tip: Shooting at eye level

When photographing anything that has eyes, people, birds, frogs or dogs, I almost always...
28th Dec 14

Photo Tip: Make the most of flaws in your lens

Camera lenses are full of flaws, which can be bad, but we can also...
28th Dec 14

Photo Tip: Work the scene

I run into a lot of beginning photographers who see something they want to...
8th Dec 14

Loving those bald eagles

I am continually entranced by seeing bald eagles so today was nearly an overload....
7th Dec 14

Photo Tip: Exposing at night

One the keys to photos at night is to add light where needed. Many...
19th Nov 14

Enjoying the beauty of Duke Farms

It seems like I can’t photograph Duke Farms too much. If you’re a regular...
19th Oct 14

A fitting end to a photography workshop

Today was the last day of my second Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop and...
12th Oct 14

Making good from the bad

This morning the weather wasn’t the perfect sunny day that I like to have...
11th Oct 14

Always finding something new

I’m always amazed at how often I’m looking for one thing and finding another....
11th Oct 14

Great people at Vermont Fall Foliage Workshop

You couldn’t ask for a better group of people to have at a workshop....
6th Oct 14

Shooting to the top of Killington

One of the many benefits of doing my photography workshops is that I get...
3rd Oct 14

I saw a bald eagle

I’ve photographed dozens of bald eagles, but every time I see one, it is...
3rd Oct 14

Talking about fall foliage on Burlington TV

I had a fun time today talking about how to photograph fall foliage on...
2nd Oct 14

A great final day in British Columbia

My final day in British Columbia was a special one. We took a five...
22nd Aug 14

A beautiful end to the day in British Columbia

The people of Cortes Island live close to nature and appreciate the beauty that...
21st Aug 14

Walking the trails on Cortes Island

With the beauty that is contained on British Columbia’s Cortes Island the best way...
21st Aug 14

Whale of a sunrise in British Columbia

This morning I got up very early since I was still on east coast...
19th Aug 14

Viewing the dark sky of British Columbia

I love being in places that have dark skies and I hoped British Columbia’s...
19th Aug 14

Visiting my sister in British Columbia

My sister Lynda and her husband Bill have built a great house on Cortes...
17th Aug 14

A girl and her dog

I photograph a lots dogs at my little studio at The Hungry Hound. They...
18th Jun 14

Photo Tip: Shooting sunset (or sunrise)

With the nice weather upon us, many people are thinking about photographing sunsets Or...
28th May 14

Getting out and shooting just for fun

I started a Meetup.com photography group in June 2012 and it has grown to...
4th May 14

Special time at the Olympics

For the past 22 years, I’ve had a special friend. Charles Morgan lives in...
3rd May 14

There’s a reason it’s called gorgeous

My Somerset Photography Meetup group did a photowalk today at Ken Lockwood Gorge near...
23rd Mar 14

Photo adventure to the Outer Banks

   I’d never been to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, so back in January when...
19th Mar 14

Night photography workshop

Tonight I hosted my night photography workshop. I love getting out and shooting when...
14th Mar 14

Shooting into the night

I have my Night Photography Workshop Friday and today was a nice, warm day...
11th Mar 14

Screaming “Good Morning”

The sky was right, so I decided to do a star trail photo at...
9th Mar 14

Loving the snow

It has been a long, cold, snowy winter and I love it....
22nd Feb 14

We lost one of the good ones – George Smith

I’m pretty sad, a friend was buried today. George Smith was the chief photographer...
30th Jan 14

Preparing your photo for an exhibit

I’m getting inquiries about how to prepare for the upcoming Somerset Photography Meetup group...
2nd Dec 13

A fitting last day for an Oregon adventure

Today was the last of our short Oregon weekend photo adventure and we concentrated...
3rd Nov 13

The science of being in the right place at the right time

Walter and I have a rather scientific formula developed for making sure we are...
2nd Nov 13

Off on a photo adventure to Oregon

I went on another crazy photo adventure today with fellow photographer Walter Choroszewski. Walter...
1st Nov 13

Hippee Halloween dog

Tonight was the annual Halloween costume contest at The Hungry Hound where dogs put...
29th Oct 13

A brag about my wife Robin Gaby Fisher and her new book Fields of Grace

I get to brag about my wife, Robin Gaby Fisher, again. He latest book,...
21st Oct 13

Buzzing around in a helicopter

Today was the annual Far Hills Race Meeting in NJ where 30,000 people try...
19th Oct 13

Apps I use for my photography

During my Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop, I was talking about some the apps...
15th Oct 13

Trying not to be an iPhone hater

I took the Vermont Fall Foliage Workshop participants to the top of a private...
13th Oct 13

I have a thing for faces lately

I don’t know, there is something about cool faces that attracts me lately. While...
12th Oct 13

Birches and reflections make a good mix

I was up at my favorite pond in Pomfret, VT, this afternoon and enjoyed...
10th Oct 13

Another friendly face

As my friend Lisa Lacasse and I were wandering around southern Vermont looking for...
8th Oct 13

Scouting for leaves in southern Vermont

I have my annual Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop this weekend in Woodstock, VT....
8th Oct 13

Hanging out with the Sugar Daddy

I had a great time at the Manchester VT art show this weekend, at...
6th Oct 13

Fairs are a great place for faces

  I met some members of my Somerset Photography Meetup group tonight at the...
22nd Aug 13

Learning about the New London, NH, area

I have spent a lot of time scouring the backroads of Vermont looking for...
16th Aug 13

Seeing the real Vermont inside an old barn

I had the pleasure today of shooting in a great, old barn owned by...
15th Aug 13

Shooting the shooting stars in Vermont

I was planning an evening of night shooting with the arrival of the annual...
11th Aug 13

The best part is that I rarely see what I expect

This morning I went with friend Lisa Lacasse out to shoot the sun rising...
11th Aug 13

Sunflowers look good even without the sun

A friend told me about a field of sunflowers that are in perfect bloom....
7th Aug 13

25 years later, another Tour of Somerville bicycle race.

A Memorial Day tradition in Somerville is the Tour of Somerville bicycle race. It...
27th May 13

Honoring our veterans

I was lucky in being born at the right time that I missed being...
27th May 13

Lots of crabs at Cape May photo workshop

This weekend was my workshop in Cape May. The weather started off great but...
19th May 13

Princeton is for learning

Princeton University has fascinated me since I first ventured there after moving to New...
28th Apr 13

Great meetup at Duke Farms

One of my favorite places in New Jersey is Duke Farms, the estate of...
27th Apr 13

I’m just driving along and a bald eagle flies past

Bald eagles have always amazed me. My first encounter was when I was 17...
21st Apr 13

Cape May looking good on a bright spring day

I decided to spend the day in Cape May, which is my favorite place...
13th Apr 13

Nasty swan gives friendless goose a chase

I witnessed one those things in nature today that I doubt if I will...
13th Apr 13

Beaver attacks man trying to take photos

    I get amused by stupid people. There is a report on Sky...
12th Apr 13

Crazy hawk pays the price for trying to steal eagle eggs at Duke Farms

This is an amazing clip from the Duke Farms live eagle camera. A not-too-smart...
29th Mar 13

Overexposed in the Garden of Good and Evil

Before making my 12-hour drive back to New Jersey, I decided to shoot at...
24th Mar 13

Seeing the blue hour in Savannah

On my way back to New Jersey from Florida, I stopped for the night...
23rd Mar 13

Two days isn’t enough in Florida, but there were plenty of photos

I checked out a couple of parks along the Gulf this morning and then...
22nd Mar 13

A quick road trip to photograph birds in Florida

When I’m driving in Florida, I have this crazy expectation that the drivers are...
21st Mar 13

A duck of a different color is still just a duck

I went to the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge today to see what might...
10th Mar 13

Loving a simple new layer of wet Vermont snow

It started snowing yesterday afternoon and by this morning there was five to six...
24th Feb 13

Winter wonderland on a private estate

I got a call from friend Lisa Lacasse, she was heading over to a...
23rd Feb 13

“Farmer” ad wasn’t an original idea, but pro photographers made it look much better

So if you don't think good photography makes a difference, watch the two versions...
4th Feb 13

Original photography used for RAM Truck Farmer commercial

The power of the still image shined bright during the Super Bowl last night....
4th Feb 13

Shooting by Vermont moonlight and staying warm

One of my thrills of digital cameras is the low-light capabilities. So when there...
26th Jan 13

Those Vermonters know how to look for the positive

As I was walking out of the South Woodstock (VT) Country Store after chit-chatting...
26th Jan 13

Vermont birch trees took a while to see

This afternoon I headed over to a grove of birch trees in Hartford, VT,...
25th Jan 13

It isn’t not a snap dragon, but don’t tell the orchid

I was photographing this morning along the D&R Canal in Griggstown, NJ, with my...
15th Sep 12

On 9/11, photographing NYC is the place to be

People living in the New York metro area have a deeper feeling for 9/11...
11th Sep 12

Waiting for the color to fill the sky

The weather today was one of the top five of the year. It just...
9th Sep 12

Things are moving in Woodstock, Vt.

I’m always a sucker for streaking car lights, so I shot some pictures tonight...
2nd Sep 12

Surviving the Mt. Tom death march

I used to be in fairly decent physical shape. It has only been seven...
1st Sep 12

Once in a blue moon

There was a beautiful near-full moon tonight and our Somerset Photography Group met to...
30th Aug 12

Blue Hour happens twice a day

Twice a day there is a phenomenon that photographers call “Blue Hour.” It happens...
26th Aug 12

Special Maine sunrise makes getting up early worth it

I’m not naturally an early morning person, but it is rare that I’m upset...
23rd Aug 12

The great moose hunt in Maine

I made a quick run to western Maine for a long weekend. I’d been...
22nd Aug 12

Vermont fall foliage photography workshop Oct. 5-8

Seeing the fall foliage spectacle in Vermont is special and photographing it is even...
20th Jul 12

Moonrise over Somerville

One of the most famous photos by Ansel Adams is Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico...
2nd Jul 12

Looking for herons and getting swallowed

Today was a top 10 weather day of the year, so I headed to...
27th Jun 12

An afternoon along the canal

I spent the afternoon with my good friend and photographer Nat Clymer wandering along...
23rd Jun 12

Making new friends at sunrise with hot air balloons

In Quechee, Vt., there is a fun little balloon festival each year. This morning...
16th Jun 12

Stormy skies make for dramatic photos

  I had to pick my wife up at Newark airport tonight. First I...
5th Jun 12

The classics cars return to Somerville

Each Friday night during the summer classic cars show up on Somerville, NJ’s, Main...
12th May 12

Give me sunshine and a dandelion

It doesn’t take a whole lot to make me happy. Today was a beautiful...
6th May 12

My wife exposes 9/11 fraud in new book The Woman Who Wasn’t There

Tania Head had one of the most compelling survival tales after 9/11. Her detailed...
11th Apr 12

It is mud season in Vermont

They there are six seasons in Vermont. You have spring, summer, fall, then there...
17th Mar 12

Taftsville Covered Bridge stripped down to the arches

Last fall when Hurricane Irene made its way to Vermont, it did an amazing...
26th Feb 12

You otter see this

  At first light I headed out to see how Vermont looked after five...
25th Feb 12

Finally, some snow in Vermont

  It has snowed a few times in Vermont this winter, just not when...
24th Feb 12

  The fall foliage season is strange this year in Vermont. Some areas had...
15th Oct 11

The foliage in Vermont is running late

This weekend is usually peak season for fall foliage around the Woodstock, Vt. area...
9th Oct 11

Finding pictures when the foliage isn’t cooperating

The week before Columbus Day is usually a great time for fall foliage in...
30th Sep 11

Vermont’s Bowers covered bridge washed away by Irene

I have been photographing the covered bridges of Vermont for the last five years...
4th Sep 11

Irene’s waters too much for Quechee, Vt.

I went over to Quechee, Vt. to see the damage to the town and...
3rd Sep 11

Vermont’s damage from Irene is hard to imagine

The damage done by tropical storm Irene in Vermont is really hard to imagine....
2nd Sep 11

Our damage from Irene wasn’t major in Vermont

After making it through Hurricane Irene and getting back to the routine of work...
30th Aug 11

Somerville was under water but all survived

It was strange sitting around listening to the police scanner as Hurricane Irene roared...
28th Aug 11

Clouds rolls over Vermont’s deepest gorge

Today was one of those rainy days that don’t make for great photos, unless...
25th Aug 11

Hang out near a beaver pond and you’ll see beavers

I drove back past where I photographed the bull moose yesterday, just hoping he...
24th Aug 11

Finally, a bull moose in Vermont

I was driving through Pomfret, Vt., with Robin and our friends Jayne and Frank...
23rd Aug 11

When it rains, time to head for the brook

When I was a kid and it started to rain, I’d run outside and...
15th Aug 11

Lightning off-shore

  I’m at Wrightsville Beach, NC, just outside of Wilmington. After the sun went...
26th Jun 11

Tour of Somerville is always a challenge to get a different photo

I’ve photographed the Tour of Somerville since 1988, when it was the hottest day...
30th May 11

Reflecting on Earth Day

Every year on Good Friday, I think about my senior year of high school...
22nd Apr 11

Cold night means nice morning light

It got down to 11 degrees overnight, which is quite a shift from the...
20th Mar 11

There’s still snow in Vermont

  It was 75 degrees yesterday when I left New Jersey head to Vermont....
19th Mar 11

PhotoShelter likes rose photo

Grover Sanschagrin at PhotoShelter selected one of my photos for his blog post 10...
21st Feb 11

Looking back, my favorite photos of 2010

I don’t care much for year-in-review stories and remembrances, so I thought I’d do...
1st Jan 11

Leaves are gone at Lord Stirling

Since I couldn’t get into Lord Stirling park in Bernards, NJ, yesterday as the...
7th Nov 10

Parks closed: gotta cull the deer herd

This morning I thought it would be good to go to Lord Stirling Park...
6th Nov 10

Getting down to the ground and looking close-up

This morning was rather chilly, in the low 30’s when I hit the road...
2nd Nov 10

There’s a bird, what is it?

At sunrise today I was wandering around Colonial Park, in Franklin, NJ. I wasn’t...
31st Oct 10

Yellow and red leaves in Bridgewater, NJ

I headed over to Duke Island Park in Bridgewater, NJ for another autumn sunrise....
30th Oct 10

Helicoptering over the Far Hills Race Meeting

Today was my annual helicopter flight over the Far Hills Race Meeting in Far...
23rd Oct 10

Fox and heron at the Great Swamp

I headed off to the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge this morning. I thought...
17th Oct 10

Canada geese fill pond in Bridgewater, NJ

I took a walk with one of our dogs in Duke Island Park in...
17th Oct 10

What’s good: A beautiful wedding

There’s nothing like a wedding in a barn and this was a good one....
9th Oct 10

Leaving Vermont colorful and blurry

I finished my week in Vermont by driving some back roads and scenic highways...
8th Oct 10

Vermont foliage shines at sunrise

As the sun rose over the hills of Pomfret, Vermont this morning, I was...
8th Oct 10

Vermont weather clears and foliage puts on a pretty show

The clouds and rain finally cleared this afternoon and I found a couple of...
7th Oct 10

Another rainy Vermont morning, so the creeks were running strong

The morning started with more rain, which made the creeks run fast again. I...
7th Oct 10

When it is raining, look for cover

It rained all day in Vermont, which isn’t doing anything good for the foliage....
6th Oct 10

Red Vermont barns look good on a cloudy day

It was another cloudy Vermont day. There are people who say that taking pictures...
5th Oct 10

Trying not to fall to see the falls

I went to the small town of Strafford to see if their cool church...
4th Oct 10

Vermont fall foliage finally shows its colors

I went to a little pond, Lime Pond, that I’ve driven past several times...
3rd Oct 10

Misty morning makes for nice Vermont photos

When I got up this morning, there was a rather heavy fog covering Woodstock,...
3rd Oct 10

Vermont foliage disappointing; water falls are great

I drove nearly 200 miles today around the central part of Vermont looking for...
2nd Oct 10

Heavy rain in Vermont makes the water flow over the falls

The big storm that rolled up the East Coast hit Vermont pretty hard today....
1st Oct 10

Early foliage is looking good in northern Vermont

I went way north searching for moose and foliage. I found the foliage, but...
26th Sep 10

Searching for moose in Vermont, but finding only fog

I got away to the northern part of Vermont. I was hoping to find...
24th Sep 10

What’s good: A Jersey cow in Vermont

In Woodstock, Vt., is the only national park dedicated to farming. The Marsh-Billings National...
19th Sep 10

What’s good: Robin on a mountain

Robin and I took a hike to The Pinnacle, the top of a good-sized...
18th Sep 10

What’s good: Praying mantis at work

I looked out my office window today and saw a praying mantis crawling around...
14th Sep 10

What’s good: A pooch in the rain

I always enjoy a dog with his head hanging out a car window. This...
12th Sep 10

What’s good: Soaring over East Brunswick

I left the office in East Brunswick today and was enjoying the puffy clouds....
9th Sep 10

What’s good: The woodpecker and the apple

We were having a lovely dinner on the deck at my sister-in-law Penny’s house...
6th Sep 10

What’s good: Pigeons on a roof at sunset

I took a little stroll around downtown Somerville, NJ, this evening just before sunset....
5th Sep 10

What’s good: Heat wave broken

Hopefully the last heat wave of the year is gone and the big hurricane...
3rd Sep 10

What’s good: A cat in the glow

I went to the Somerset County courthouse in Somerville tonight after the sun went...
30th Aug 10

What’s good: Morning shadows

At sunrise today, I went to downtown Somerville and cruised through some alleys to...
28th Aug 10

What’s good: Birds instead of bugs

Last night while I was watching the sun go down along the river, I...
27th Aug 10

What’s good: Hanging out at the river

I headed down to the river after work. That’s what we called it when...
26th Aug 10

What’s good: Shopping after the storm

It rained all day and then thunderstorms rolled through before clearing off. I went...
22nd Aug 10

What’s good: A morning dew drop

  I went to Fairview Farm in Far Hills again this morning to watch...
21st Aug 10

What’s good: Friday night cruising

Friday nights in Somerville, NJ, mean the classic come out and park along Main...
20th Aug 10

What’s good: Rolling with the fog

It is never easy for me to get out of bed before the sun...
19th Aug 10

What’s good: Blues skies after sunset

After dinner I noticed a storm rolling after the sun went down. The light...
18th Aug 10

What’s good: Robin’s new book is out

It’s a great day. Robin’s latest book, “The Boys of the Dark,” hit the...
17th Aug 10

What’s good: Vermont countryside sunrise

After several cloudy and rainy Vermont days, it was great to be able to...
17th Aug 10

What’s good: A rafter of turkeys

I was just thinking yesterday that I hadn’t photographed wild turkeys lately and I...
16th Aug 10

What’s good: Ferns in a bog

Just outside of Woodstock, Vermont, is a natural area that has been protected by...
15th Aug 10

What’s good: Sampling Woodstock Vermont

Today was the annual Taste of  Woodstock in the quaint Vermont village.  They block...
14th Aug 10

What’s good: Enjoying open space in NJ

Years ago somebody in New Jersey government realized that the open space in the...
8th Aug 10

What’s good: Wading in the Delaware River

I headed out to the Delaware River at Frenchtown. There wasn’t much going on...
7th Aug 10

What’s good: Cars cruise to downtown Somerville

Every Friday night in downtown Somerville, Main Street is lined with classic cars. It...
6th Aug 10

What’s good: Finding the picture at last light

Today was another hot one and I went to a nearby state park that...
5th Aug 10

What’s good: Hanging out in the Great Swamp

Today had to be one of the top five weather days of the year....
31st Jul 10

What’s good: Watching president Obama go by

President Obama visited a sub shop in Edison, NJ, today, which is four miles...
28th Jul 10

What’s good: Beautiful morning in Vermont

Another beautiful Vermont morning. I watched the sun rise at my favorite pond. The...
25th Jul 10

What’s good: Dragonflies on the pond

I went with Robin to my new favorite Vermont place, an escape owned by...
24th Jul 10

What’s good: Being back in Vermont

After being back to work for a full week after being off for two...
23rd Jul 10

What’s good: The beauty before the storm

As I was letting the dogs out yet again this evening, I noticed the...
19th Jul 10

What’s good: A field of sunflowers

Another heatwave settled into New Jersey, so I went looking for sunflowers. Several years...
18th Jul 10

Alaska photo adventure slideshow

Alaska – Images by Loren Fisher These are some of my favorite photos from...
18th Jul 10

What’s good: Visiting a favorite New Jersey place

I have to admit it is hard to get back in the New Jersey...
17th Jul 10

What’s good: Memories of a week in Alaska

It was a great week during my first trip to Alaska. Going there has...
16th Jul 10

What’s good: Sandhill cranes bid us goodbye from Alaska

After eight days of fun and awe in Alaska, it is time to head...
14th Jul 10

What’s good: Spending the night in Denali

The greatest thing about being a photographer is going places most other people don’t....
14th Jul 10

What’s good: Being in Denali, Alaska

We traveled to Denali National Park on our bear search. On the way, we...
13th Jul 10

What’s good: Great skies, but no Alaska bears

Another beautiful day. This is getting old, nothing but great scenery. We spent much...
13th Jul 10

What’s good: The Alaskan bear search continues

We started the day with a bonus: a bull moose first thing in the...
12th Jul 10

What’s good: Eagles, salmon, moose and caribou in Alaska

Another great day in Alaska. Today we worked the Kanai Penninsula from one end...
11th Jul 10

What’s good: A flight over a glacier with an old friend

Day three, more grandeur and beautiful weather around Anchorage. Everyone tells us it has...
10th Jul 10

What’s good: More splendor, grandor and Alaskan wildlife

It’s 11:30 p.m. and the sun just set. We’ve been going since 5 a.m....
9th Jul 10

What’s good: My first day in Alaska

What a first day in Alaska. It started with arriving at the Anchorage at...
8th Jul 10

What’s good: In-flight WiFi

The plane for Seattle was delayed for two hours. So much for making our...
6th Jul 10

What’s good: Heading to Alaska

The adventure has begun. I’m off to Alaska with friend and photographer Walter Choroszewski....
6th Jul 10

What’s good: America

  I was watching the HBO mini-series John Adams last night. It didn’t really...
4th Jul 10

What’s good: See Bridgewater for three bucks

I was driving through Bridgewater late in the day and the deer were everywhere....
3rd Jul 10

What’s good: Sunset on the work week

I stopped by my friend Walter Choroszewski’s house this evening to go over final...
2nd Jul 10

What’s good: Fountain of light

The humidity left town but the sun stayed. So I went over to a...
30th Jun 10

What’s good: Love is in the air

At the wedding reception of my niece Emily, my sister Lynda and her husband...
29th Jun 10

What’s good: Emily’s wedding

My dear niece Emily is now happily married to Nathaniel Hare after a great...
27th Jun 10

What’s good: Life along the canal

We took a nice late-morning morning five mile stroll along the Delaware & Raritan...
26th Jun 10

What’s good: Mondrian in NYC

I was at MoMA in New York City with my sister Lynda and her...
24th Jun 10

What’s good: The longest day

Today was the summer solstice, the first day of summer, the longest day of...
21st Jun 10

What’s good: Floating on the D&R Canal

I got out on the Delwaware and Raritan Canal this afternoon in my kayak....
19th Jun 10

What’s good: A field of beans and deer

I took a little drive this evening and the deer were out in full...
18th Jun 10

What’s good: Worth the wait at McDonald’s

I was sitting in a slow line at the McDonald’s drive-thru for what seemed...
17th Jun 10

What’s good: Fire hydrants are neighbor magnets

I learned something big tonight. If you want to talk to your neighbors, take...
16th Jun 10

What’s good: Seeing the farm

When I first came to New Jersey for a job interview in 1987, I...
15th Jun 10

What’s good: Bird bath reflections

It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Seeing my picket fence reflecting in...
14th Jun 10

What’s good: Hiking through the Sourland Mountains with Robin

We going trying to meet my old friends Lori and Art Smith in New...
13th Jun 10

What’s good: A funny dog of a day

I had some dog photo sessions today at The Hungry Hound. English Setter Sadie...
12th Jun 10

What’s good: Hay in the field

After a long week of too many meetings, it felt good to head out...
11th Jun 10

What’s good: Watching the clouds rolls by

It seemed like the weather couldn’t decide if it was going to storm or...
10th Jun 10

What’s good: Remembering an old friend

Down at The Hungry Hound, the pet boutique owned by Robin’s sister Penny in...
9th Jun 10

What’s good: NJ’s only covered bridge

I have a fondness for covered bridges. My little town of Spencerville, Ind., had...
8th Jun 10

What’s good: Under the blimp

One of my favorite photo memories was flying in the Goodyear blimp down the...
7th Jun 10

What’s good: Foxes and heron

It looked like there would be some nasty thunderstorms late this afternoon, so I...
6th Jun 10

What’s good: A friend finds happiness

Robin and I went to a special wedding of Robin’s former co-worker Kitta McPherson....
5th Jun 10

What’s good: Seeing a bear just down the street

Thursday I was joking after photographing a turtle in my back yard about all...
5th Jun 10

What’s good: Classic cars

Every summer Friday night in downtown Somerville, classic cars line the streets and people...
4th Jun 10

What’s good: Back to NJ and nature

I walked out the door this morning to go work feeling fairly blue about...
3rd Jun 10

What’s good: One last day in Vermont

Today was my last day in Vermont on this trip – back to the...
2nd Jun 10

What’s good: Being old and rusty

There’s an old Chevy pickup truck that I drive past in Woodstock, so I...
1st Jun 10

What’s good: Flies on the eye of the frog

I went back to the big pond on the property I visited yesterday. It...
31st May 10

What’s good: Viewing the pond

During our morning hike, Ducky took me to a small pond where the sun...
30th May 10

What’s good: Climbing to the pinnacle

Our Woodstock, Vermont neighbor, Ducky, took me this morning to some land her family...
30th May 10

What’s good: Merganser and chicks

I was driving along the Ottauquechee River this afternoon just west of Woodstock, Vermont,...
29th May 10

What’s good: Ferns on a cloudy day

I was hoping for a sunny day so I could photograph the beauty of...
29th May 10

What’s good: Thank a veteran

I strolled down to the Woodstock, Vermont, Memorial Day parade this morning. As I...
29th May 10

What’s good: Herons on high

It has been a couple of months, but I was finally able to get...
28th May 10

What’s good: Runners get started

As I was getting ready to leave the office, I noticed a couple of...
27th May 10

What’s good: Things are looking up

After dinner I pulled a chair out into the backyard and just looked up...
26th May 10

What’s good: A clean bicycle

After a long, wet ride along the Jersey shore through sand, salt and crushed...
25th May 10

What’s good: Being home

After being away all weekend, it is good to be home and get some...
24th May 10

What’s good: Riding for a cause

Today was Day 2 of the Coast The Coast bicycle ride to raise money...
23rd May 10

What’s good: Friends on the beach

The cool part of the ride was that Marilyn Dillon and Brian Horton invited...
22nd May 10

What’s good: 85 miles, Day 1

Somehow I thought it would be a good idea to ride my bike 170...
22nd May 10

What’s good: Zian, the Bernese Mountain Dog

We had a recent additional to the household – Zian, another Bernese Mountain Dog....
21st May 10

What’s good: It’s a Jeep thing

As I pulled into a parking spot this morning on the parking deck’ second...
20th May 10

What’s good: Looking close in the yard

After I got home from work, I thought I would walk down to a...
19th May 10

What’s good: Having a place to park your bike

There’s a bike rack I go past every night when taking the dogs for...
18th May 10

What’s good: The neighbor’s flowers

We don’t spend much time working in the yard, and it shows. Every couple...
17th May 10

What’s good: The sun sets on a beautiful weekend

The weather doesn’t get any better than this weekend was. It has to rank...
16th May 10

What’s good: Warbler flies into ground, mate comes back

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon at the Great Swamp, a 3,000...
15th May 10

What’s good: Moonset, Somerville

After dinner, I noticed the moon was setting and just a slice was illuminated....
15th May 10

What’s good: Sisters smiling

I had dinner tonight with Robin and her sister Penny at our favorite restaurant,...
14th May 10

What’s good: Cormorants play in a tree

I was driving home from the office in East Brunswick and as I crossed...
13th May 10

What’s good: Raindrops on an iris

I woke up and it was rainy. Went to work, rain. Watched out my...
12th May 10

What’s good: Flowers blow in the wind

I was lazy today and didn’t make any photos, so I’m using one I...
11th May 10

What’s good: Old mill on the river

There’s an old mill in Neshanic Station sitting right on the South Branch of...
10th May 10

What’s good: Water falling in Bridgewater

There aren’t many waterfalls in New Jersey. In downtown Paterson there is the great...
9th May 10

What’s good: Why did the deer cross the creek?

I was out on a 39-mile bicycle ride today getting for the two-day 170...
8th May 10

What’s good: Gomer and great blue heron

I went to a local county park this morning for sunrise to see what...
7th May 10

What’s good: Catching a ride on the orange train

We had another beautiful, clear afternoon with barely a cloud in the sky. After...
6th May 10

What’s good: How much is that bunny in the window?

OK, I was scrambling to get a picture today. I didn’t make any pictures...
5th May 10

What’s good: Vulture keeping watch

There’s this old barn I pass on my regular bicycle route. Frequently there is...
4th May 10

What’s good: Teaching Rutgers students to make balloon animals

Today was the last day this semester for the multimedia reporting class I teach...
3rd May 10

What’s good: Trouble deciding what to send to NYT Lens blog

The always-cool New York Times Lens blog thought it would be cool to have...
2nd May 10

What’s good: Watching a friend in the Olympics

If you haven’t met Charles Morgan, you’re missing out on a great friend. Once...
1st May 10

What’s good: Getting a greeting from a real horse

Yesterday I photographed the strange horse statue, today it is a real horse. I...
1st May 10

What’s good: A horse statue in the middle of a field

When I first saw it, I almost crashed my bike. I was riding along...
30th Apr 10

What’s good: The new reflecting the old

Many years ago someone decided, and got others to go along, to build an...
29th Apr 10

What’s good: Sunrise over the Raritan River

Last night was crystal clear and the forecast was good, so I decided to...
28th Apr 10

What’s good: More blossoms

I liked the blossoms I saw on a car yesterday and this morning as...
27th Apr 10

What’s good: Blossoms on a rainy day

Last Thursday when I was rushing to teach my multimedia class at Rutgers, I...
26th Apr 10

What’s good: The wet nose of friendly hound

I had another day in the photo studio at The Hungry Hound. Today I...
25th Apr 10

What’s good: Finding pretty weeds mixed in the grass

My yard isn’t going to be on any commercials for being pretty and clean....
24th Apr 10

What’s good: Teaching dogs how to behave

We now have two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Sophie and new addition Zian. They are...
23rd Apr 10

What’s good: Ducks know how to celebrate Earth Day

I’d love to say I was out celebrating Earth Day all afternoon, but I...
22nd Apr 10

What’s good: 25 years since the end of the aluminum TV dinner tray

I don’t have many prized possessions. I have a lot of possessions, just not...
21st Apr 10

What’s good: A mid-day bicycle ride

It was another beautiful spring day and I was able to get in a...
20th Apr 10

What’s good: Seeing more red on a sunny day

It was a beautiful day today, cool, clear and sunny. I took a little...
19th Apr 10

What’s good: Continuing to be inspired by Marilyn Dillon

Three years ago on Tax Day I got one of those horrific phone calls...
18th Apr 10

What’s good: Taking the time to get out and find the beauty.

It was a cold, cloudy afternoon, not a very pleasant day outside. I decided...
17th Apr 10

What’s good: Dad’s Azalea reminds me of my good fortune

In a couple of weeks it will be 19 years since my father died....
16th Apr 10

What’s good: Up with people

I talked to kids at a local high school career day this morning about...
15th Apr 10

What’s good: Finding beauty in Newark

I was on journalism career day panel today for students at Rutgers in Newark....
14th Apr 10

What’s good: Chasing a hot air balloon

When I left work in East Brunswick, it was drizzling and pretty chilly. As...
13th Apr 10

What’s good: Robin in the tree

After dinner on my sister-in-law Penny’s deck, Penny, Robin and I were chatting when...
12th Apr 10

What’s good: Being married to Robin Gaby Fisher

I’m married to Robin Gaby Fisher. I’m one lucky guy. It is coming up...
11th Apr 10

What’s good: Reflections in The Great Swamp

I made a quick trip to The Great Swamp late this afternoon. The Great...
10th Apr 10