Previous Workshops

New York City workshop

Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn
Seven hour workshop focusing on Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, participants are taken to special locations in New York City to get spectacular photos of the city in late afternoon and at night. Transportation in New York provided. See photos taken by participants.

New York City workshop

High Line, Brooklyn Bridge Park, World Trade Center
Seven hour workshop starting on the High Line, New York’s elevated park, moving on to Brooklyn Bridge Park for sunset, on to the World Trade Center and ending at a little known 42nd St. overlook. Transportation provided. See photos made by participants.

Vermont Fall Foliage

An annual event, the six day workshop based at Loren’s Vermont house in Woodstock. Loren has scoured the countryside for years finding great locations that unique. We also to some of the more famous places. Transportation during workshop provided. See some participant photos from the 2019 workshop.

Iceland in summer

During the summer, Iceland is a green wonderland. We go up to the Snaefellsjokull Peninsula for a special waterfalls and mountain scene, rock formations, rock bridge, a black church and quaint villages. Then we head south to more spectacular waterfalls, Europe’s largest glacier up close, black sand beaches reaching out to haunting sea stacks, glacial lagoons and the amazing diamond beach where chucks of ice float up on the black sand making for amazing compositions. See my blog posts from previous workshops.

Iceland in winter

For this seven day workshop we stick to the southern coast of Iceland which stays relatively mild due to ocean currents. We’re watching nightly for the Northern Lights flickering in the sky and we take a special trip into an ice cave. We’ll photograph amazing waterfalls, black sand beaches, mountain scenery, Europe’s largest glacier up close, glacial lagoons and the amazing diamond beach where chucks of ice float up on the black sand making for amazing compositions. See my blog posts from previous workshops.

Tuscany, Italy

The landscape is special, the light is legendary, villages are glorious, people are friendly and then there’s the wine.

Venice, Italy

The photographic allure of Venice is well known, throw in the spectacle of Carnival and it becomes a visual wonderland. See my blog posts and photos

Provence, France

We explore the beauty, history and fragrance of France’s Provence region, known worldwide for its amazing fields of lavender. We visit medieval towns with their quaint buildings and diverse markets, towering and colorful cliffs, stunning cathedrals, countless bucolic vistas  and plains filled with lavender. See my blog posts from Provence.


A special eight-day photography workshop and tour in beautiful Guatemala. The workshop focuses on three main concepts: color, culture and traditions. It aims to portray basic aspects of Guatemalan culture so you can appreciate it as an observer. You will create images of unique moments that involve people, traditions and history. See my blog posts from Guatemala.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park in Maine is a special place, the unique rocky shore, Cadillac Mountain, pristine ponds, old buggy trails and beauty everywhere you look. It is a favorite place for photographers and tourists, so we go before the summer crowds arrive. We explore the rocky coastlines, marsh grasses, harbors and the incredible town of Bar Harbor. See my blog posts from Acadia.

Total Solar Eclipse in Oregon

Photographing a total solar eclipse is one of those things you will never forget, so we are going to the best place in the U.S. for this great event, the cloudless desert of eastern Oregon. While in Oregon, we’ll explore the variety that is Oregon, a hip city, incredible ocean coast, massive waterfalls and the unique high desert mountains, which is where we will photograph the eclipse on the last day of our workshop.. See my blog posts from Oregon.

Autumn in Bucks County

We travel through the beauty of rural Bucks County Pennsylvania photographing the covered bridges, farms, historic sites and rolling hills. Transportation during workshop provided. See some participant photos from the 2018 workshop.

Bald Eagles in Maryland

As winter sets in bald eagles congregate at a large hydro electric dam in Maryland. As fish go through the dam’s turbines more than 100 bald eagles feast on the easy fishing. They will then fight for fish caught by other eagles. Transportation from NJ included.

Florida birds and more

Spring in Florida is a special time of year, for people and also for wildlife. Birds are thinking about love more than food and they exhibit breeding plumage that generates wild colors. Their focus is on finding a mate, so it a great opportunity for us to get a close view of them while they aren’t as concerned about people. This workshop/photo tour will put you in a position to get unique bird photos along with the beauty of the Florida Gulf coast. We will be in locations where you only need a 200mm lens to get great birds photos, of course a longer lens is more fun, but I’ll get to that later.. See my blog posts from Florida.

Getting the Most Out of Lightroom

There are many tutorials, videos and books out there that will show you how every little detail of Lightroom works. They’ll show you how to get photos imported into Lightroom and show you how to use all the sliders, but they don’t tell you why or when you should be using Lightroom’s powerful controls to get the most out of your photos. I show you not only what the modules do, but the why’s and why not’s, no matter if you are making prints, posting on the Internet or sending photos off for publication. I show you time-saving techniques that will help you find your images and export them quicker and looking better. Attend in person or live online.

Advanced Lightroom

You know the basics of Lightroom but know there is still more that you can get from Lightroom. I’ll show you insights into advanced image processing that will make your photos like they were made by a professional. You’ll learn how to visualize how photos can be improved, even while you are taking the shot, which is where it all begins. Attend in person or live online.

High Speed Photography

High speed photography is all about stopping time and seeing details that otherwise can’t be observed. With special equipment, timing, luck and good lighting you can images with lots of Wow!

Water Drops and Splashes

There is a special beauty to seeing liquid frozen in time, especially when a collision is involved. I show how to make magical photos of liquid drops colliding and splashing. This is a hands-on workshop where you use your camera and my special equipment to create your own unique and exciting photos.

Using Your Flash

The light from a small flash can make the difference between no picture and a good picture or, more importantly, between a good picture and a great picture. I show you how to use your flash to get the results you’ve always wanted.

The Business of Photography

This seminar isn’t about giving you a list of 15 ways to make money with your camera, there is plenty of that BS on the web. This is about running a photography business. And that is the mentality you must have whether you hope to make $100 a year or $100,000. The most important thing you need to do to make money with your photography is to think of it as a business.

The Art of Seeing

There is an art to seeing and making good photographs – it is about being able to go beyond the first thing we see and push ourselves to look harder, keep our minds open and see things we don’t notice at first. Many times we need to eliminate the clutter, both in our minds and our photos. We need to get down to visual basics and really examine what we are seeing, then we can expand our vision. That is what this workshop is about. We take to the streets and learn to see.