Princeton is for learning

Princeton University has fascinated me since I first ventured there after moving to New Jersey in 1987. I would have gone to school there if I hadn’t been poor, dumb and unmotivated in high school. But I get to go there now and take nice pictures.

Today I met one of my private instruction students for her last session. After several sessions in the “classroom” it is good to get out and shoot to see how the classes have helped. The architecture at Princeton is fabulous, featuring ivy-covered walls, arches, leaded windows, spires and lots of gargoyles.

The morning was beautiful, bright sunshine and cool. The light seem to make everything it hit glimmer and created some fun and interesting shadows. I liked the way a courtyard was lit up by the sun and shadows from the building made a neat pattern on the cobblestones.

Just walking and looking is always a great way to spend a spring morning. If you are in New Jersey in a couple of weeks, my meetup.com group will be descending on Princeton for a morning walk.

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