Sharpening Photos with Topaz Sharpen AI


While driving through the back roads during a snowstorm I saw these horse out in a field. They seemed pretty happy to see me, they stomped through the snow and came down to the fence to greet me. They were pretty snowy and icy but didn’t seem to mind much.

Every digital photo needs a little bit of sharpening, but there are times when you need a lot, like when the subject moved or you have camera shake. Then there's the shot where you barely missed focusing on the right spot. All of this previously meant trash the file and do better the next time.

Times have changed. Now there's hope for blurry images and it comes in the form of Topaz Lab's Sharpen AI. It uses the power of AI to reconstruct your photo so you have a chance to have a usable picture. It doesn't work on all photos, you're still much better off getting it right in the camera. But I'll show you how to use it to sharpen the whole image or parts of the photo. At times you'll get amazing results, other times disappointment.

I have saved photos that I thought I'd never show anyone, like this one. And I have added sharpness to photos that looked pretty good before but really popped after running it through AI Sharpen.

You can get Sharpen AI as a part of Topaz Lab's Photo AI package for $199 or as a standalone that they hide pretty well on their website for $79.99 (

The session will be recorded so if you can't make the live seminar you'll be able to watch it later.

Friday, March 1
7:00 - 8:00 p.m. EDT

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