Seeing the blue hour in Savannah

The blue hour makes a Savannah tree look special.

On my way back to New Jersey from Florida, I stopped for the night in Savannah, GA. It is a great city with lots of unique things going on. I got into town around 5:30 p..m. and there was a disappointing cloud cover, so I didn’t have any sweet light to shoot.

Normally when it is spitting rain, cold and cloudy, I see what is on TV. But I don’t get here very often so I went out to what pictures I could make. When I get in situations like this I think about how to use the light I do have. I went right down to the river front where there are cool stores in funky old buildings. Old bricks are exposed where plaster has fallen off, old wooden doors have original iron hinges and windows looking out on the river are lined with wrought iron.

While the sky is still gray, I look for photos that don’t show the sky. I focused on the brick walls, details of the doors and scouted areas to shoot when “blue hour” began. Blue hour is that time after sunset when the sky turns blue no matter what the weather is. It also happens before sunrise and it only lasts for about 15 minutes, I’ve always wondered why it is called blue hour w hen it doesn’t last that long.

But blue hour can make for some good photos, so I shot some along the river and walked into town a couple of blocks. I liked the look of old brick walls with winding stairs, so I worked them. The trees in Savannah are draped with Spanish moss, so I used the blue in the sky as a backdrop for the sprawling silhouetted branches.

After the blue went away, I did some night shots and called it a day.

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