Seeing the real Vermont inside an old barn

20130815-LEF_107820130815-LEF_1227I had the pleasure today of shooting in a great, old barn owned by my friend Molly. I’ve been wanting to shoot the barn since Molly told me about it last fall during my Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop. The barn is packed with character, as is Molly, and there are thousands of photos that could be made in it. The large, hand-hewn beams are amazing and the sunlight purges in through gaps in the walls making everything look cool. We found a dead dragonfly wrapped up in an old cobweb, it made for a photo that is creepy looking and nearly mystical.

After spending lots of time in the barn, we traipsed down to an old truck in her woods. The former milk delivery truck is surround by tall ferns and trees. It is a unique truck and the rust makes it look all the better.  I love the detail shots of the rust and they will only get better over time. Molly has been photographing the barn and truck for quite a while and know that she has something special.

I can’t think of a better morning that seeing the true Vermont in an old barn and then sitting on a hillside having lunch. Thanks Molly.

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