Shooting into the night

I have my Night Photography Workshop Friday and today was a nice, warm day so I got out and did some night photos around Somerville. It is fun just to walk around and try different kinds of shots and see what happens. I did some light painting on a fountain during the blue hour and it came out pretty cool. It involved shooting a 30-second exposure and using my flashlight to “paint” the back side of the fountain. The sky took on a beautiful blue cast and the whole scene looked magical.

When I was done light painting, I saw two guys in a third floor office across the street. The sky was looking good behind them, so I got out my telephoto and made some fun shots.

I went past a restaurant and the owner was standing outside enjoying the warm air. I had done a story on him, so I stopped to say hi. I made a picture of him and used a little light painting to bring his face out of the shadows.

I did some other long exposure techniques, getting traffic and people walking the sidewalk, it was a fun evening for a stroll, hopefully the warm weather is here to stay.

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