Shooting stars and the ISS

We got a special treat tonight during my Vermont Night Skies and Light Painting Workshop, a visit from the International Space Station. Using a couple of iPhone apps we could see where and when the ISS would fly over and leave a bright streak in the sky. I took us to an old hilltop cemetery where we photographed the Milky Way and did some light painting while waiting for the flyover. It came right on schedule and we were able to make exciting photos of it passing in front of the Milky Way. I was lucky catch a shooting star at the same time. Pretty cool.

I am fortunate to have a neighbor in Woodstock who allows me access to her beautiful property in nearby Pomfret, VT. The pond is marvelous and it is dark there, so it is a great place to take the group. We did several shots around the pond of the Milky Way and light painting on the shore while. Adding a little light from flashlights always adds a nice touch to astrophotography. I like seeing something in the foreground and just having stars in the sky.

While we were shooting the Milky Way, some people tried doing star trails spinning in the photo. The trick is to find Polaris, the North Star and over a period of time it will look like other stars are circling it due to the earth’s rotation. This is actually 120 photos during about one hour and then put together in the computer. The result is very cool and I got the lights from people on the other side of the pond photographing the Milky Way.

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