Lots of sites and people in Rome

LF5S5451I arrived in Italy yesterday for my Tuscany Photography Workshop that starts tomorrow. I’m doing the workshop with friend Ron Lake who has been to Italy many times. We got off the plane after an overnight flight from New York, checked into our hotel near the airport and then headed into Rome to see the sights.

This is my first time to Rome and the shuttle bus from the hotel dropped us off at the Coliseum, which is quite impressive. And many people must think so because there are tons of people seeing all the sites of Rome. I thought it would be fun to go inside the Coliseum but the line was about two hours. We don’t have enough time to stand around that long, so we walked around it, taking pictures as we go and then went off to other sites.

As the sun was going down, we went back to the Coliseum and beautiful light illuminated the exterior. I was lucky to see a pigeon as it soared through one of the openings, giving my photo a little something extra.

LF5S5431Today we went back with a couple of the workshop participants who arrived early and saw many of the same sites. Selfie sticks are everywhere and there were plenty of people selling them if you didn’t bring one with you. I didn’t buy one. But I did enjoy seeing tourists using their iPad camera to get the perfect angle.

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