Special time at the Olympics

Charlie shows off another gold medal he won at the Special Olympics.

Charlie shows off another gold medal he won at the Special Olympics.

For the past 22 years, I’ve had a special friend. Charles Morgan lives in a group home in Bridgewater, NJ, and he has become part of our family. Robin did a story about him for the newspaper and then he moved nearby and our phone hasn’t stopped ringing since. He joins us for every holiday and birthday celebration and loves to come over and have the dogs lick him and beat me in dominoes.

He also enjoys the Special Olympics. I’ve been to quite a few, watching him race and tear up the track with his electric wheelchair. He always wins two or three medals at the local competition and then goes to the state event and gets more medals. The medals were stuffed in a drawer in his bedroom for a long time, so I made a nice wood and glass case to show them. That was about about 15 years ago and I thought the case would last forever but now it is overflowing.

Today was a beautiful one for the event. Charlie did his usual great job in the morning and won his race, collecting another gold which he was happy to show anyone who strolled past. In the afternoon, he missed a couple of cones in the obstacle race and ended up with a silver medal.

I don’t know if he qualified for the state Olympics, he hopes he gets to make the trip to Trenton so he can win some more medals. It won’t be long before I have have to make a new display case.

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