Sunrise in paradise

Hawaii sunriseThe good thing about Hawaii being six hours behind East Coast time is that getting up early for sunrise isn’t a problem. During our short trip, we are planning on trying to stay on EST time rather than make our bodies and minds adjust. Walter and I were both awake well before 3 a.m. so we set out on our adventure for the day. The sun wasn’t going to be up for a couple of hours, so we went to a 24-hour Walmart so Walter could do some souvenir shopping and we could get some water and food for the weekend.

We needed to the north east end of the island for sunrise and found a nice spot with volcanic rocks getting beaten by the ocean, which made for nice photos. It was windy and the ocean spray covered us and our equipment, but it was a fun experience.

After the sunrise, we went to a sandy beach where surfers were gathering. It turns out most of them were on boogie boards or body surfing, but they were having a blast. It seems like their goal is to get in the largest curl they can and then get slammed into the sand. The harder they got slammed the more jubilant they were when they popped back up.

I enjoyed shooting them as their were paddling through the incoming waves on their way out to catch a big one. I loved the way they looked as the clear waves made them into a translucent figure.

In the Wave

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