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06 Jun 2018

Final day in Acadia

Today was the last day of my Acadia Photography Workshop for this year. It was a great group who were a pleasure to work with and we made some wonderful pictures. It was cloudy so we didn’t have to wake up early for sunrise. We headed over to one of my favorite Acadia locations, Sieur de Monts, which is an area away from the coast but is extremely diverse. There is a beautiful grove of birch trees, long flowing bright green grass, a garden and trails through large trees. During our classroom session earlier this week I showed one of my favorite Acadia photos I have shot, a path winding through birch trees. I took people over to the spot and they enjoyed shooting photos there. I went off on a different trail looking for some logs and found some beautiful moss growing on rocks and fallen logs. It was something different than I have shot in Acadia before and a great way to end my week here. I can’t wait to come back next year.

05 Jun 2018

Making the most of a rainy day

Our streak of great weather ended and the rain has taken over at my Acadia Photography Workshop. We spent yesterday afternoon and this morning in the classroom, talking about light and looking at some of the photos we have made so far. It is always fun to look at photos made by everyone in the workshop, we are all at the same places but invariably come away with different images. Again, people had their own vision and saw things I didn’t. It was fun looking at what we had created so far.

This afternoon we braved the light rain and went down along Somes fjord and had lunch in the cute village of Northeast Harbor. We stopped along the fjord where we made some fun photos of the gray day and shot around the marina in Northeast Harbor. I saw a lone tree isolated against the foggy shore and loved the way it stuck out.

When we left Northeast Harbor we stopped at the beautiful Asticou Gardens, even though there was still mist falling. I’ve seen the garden looking much better but there is always something to shoot there. I focused on some raindrops that lined up on a leaf. It can be tricky to get all the drops in focus, so I moved my tripod so I could get the most possible the same distance away from my lens so they would all be in focus. I worked on the drops for quite a while and came out of the rain with a photo that I really like.

03 Jun 2018

Beautiful afternoon for stomping around Acadia

After our early morning shoot during my Acadia Photography Workshop we took a mid day break to grab a nap and get cleaned up. After lunch we headed to the south west side of Mt. Desert Island. One of the most iconic things on the island is a little bridge in Somesville, so we stopped there. There is usually a field of wild lupine flowers growing near the bridge. This year everything is blooming a little later than normal so there weren’t as many lupine as usual but the ones that were there looked great. I tried to isolate one as it was surrounded by yellow wild flowers.

As some of the people were photographing the bridge one noticed something big flying across the street near the cove. It was a bald eagle! I love seeing eagles and during all the time I’ve spent in Acadia it was the first time I’ve seen an eagle. It flew around a little and landed in a tree not too far away. It was quite a thrill.

After photographing the eagle for a while we went farther down the island to our destination of the quaint fishing village of Bernard. It is a cool place and has my favorite lobster pound which is also a great place to make pictures. My plan was to shoot around the harbor and then have dinner at Thurston’s, right there on the water. I grabbed lunch at Thurston’s on Thursday, using my stop as excuse to make sure they were open while having a fresh lobster roll. Well I didn’t see the sign that they are no longer open on Sunday’s since late last summer. As we were walking around I ran into the owner and he said he can’t find enough help to stay open on Sundays and since the fishing fleet doesn’t go out on Sundays it was a good day to give his family a rest. I knew of another good restaurant on the other side of the harbor so we went over there and got our lobster.

We ended our day photographing Bass Harbor Lighthouse. There were a few other photographers there when we got there and they were where I wanted our people to be. I’ve photographed the lighthouse from the rocks below it several times and the best shots are when I used my big flashlight to illuminate the lighthouse and rocks. Since we were a little crowded, I didn’t shoot photos, only helped people with their exposures and did the lighting. When we got there the people already there acted a little miffed that eight photographers showed up but they were pretty happy when they saw how much better I made it look with my light painting. It was a long day but we made lots of great photos.

02 Jun 2018

Off and running at Acadia workshop

This afternoon was the start of my Acadia Photography Workshop in wonderful Maine. We started with a classroom session where we talked about light, creatively using a wide angle lens and we got to know each other. Four of the participants had gone to my workshop in France last year and decided there to join me in Maine this year. The other four photographers had done workshops with me before, so it was nice to have a workshop full of people I knew!

We went to nearby Eagle Lake to get our shooting started. It is a beautiful area with a couple of ponds and the amazing lake lined by large trees and some rocks along the shoreline. We were treated to spectacular light as the sun went down, turning the clouds into a colorful ceiling reflecting in the water. It was a great way to end the first day.

01 Jun 2018

A day in Acadia

The bad thing about loving to shoot sunrise is that I have to get up before the sun. And when I’m in Maine at this time of year, sunrise comes way too early. So I got up at 4 a.m. and headed into Acadia National Park to see the sun rise and, as usual, it was worth the effort.

I went to Monument Cove and was treated to beautiful light pouring onto the rocky coast. The first light of the day is special and it is always exciting to see the warmth of the sun illuminating Acadia’s coast. After shooting for a while I went over to one of the ponds, made some photos and enjoyed the gorgeous morning. Feeling a bit tired from the early morning, I took a good long nap, which really felt good.

Later in the day I went back out to catch the evening light. I went up to Cadillac Mountain to see what the world looked like today from the highest point on the East Coast.  The day had been fairly clear but the clouds were coming in as I got to the top of the mountain. Many times that can be a problem but today they rolled across the islands near Bar Harbor. As the clouds blew across the water they flowed around the islands. Looking down from above the clouds surrounded one island making for a fun photo.

I then went over to a beaver pond I had seen earlier. It was getting dark and I decided to light the beaver hutches with my large flashlight as the sky became dark. I was making long exposures and a beaver was swimming around. I shined my light on a beaver and followed it as it swam. Suddenly it slapped its tail on the water making a large splash and the beaver disappeared. The splash showed up nicely in my photo, it was great way to end the day.

05 Jun 2016

Finding something different during Acadia workshop

The IslandDuring my workshop today in Acadia National Park, we were on top of the world, or so it seemed. Cadillac Mountain is the highest coastal peak in the Eastern U.S. and many times during the year it is the first place in the U.S. to see the sunrise. It is quite the panoramic view and during a late morning journey to the top the sun was shining through some clouds and making the water shimmer. A small island seemed so isolated in the water and clouds, so I knew I wanted to capture the feeling of it being all alone. As I was taking the picture in color I was thinking what it might look like in black and white, since the strong backlight on the clouds and water weren’t going to look good in color. But the black and white version emphasizes what I was feeling.