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09 May 2019

Admiring New Jersey’s gardens

New Jersey is the Garden State after all. And there are many public gardens that were previously large private estates that had elaborate gardens that are now either maintained by private foundations or local and state governments. I decided to load up my 12 passenger van and take a tour of three of them. It was a fun day and the group enjoyed going to Leonard J. Buck Garden in Far Hills, Cross Estate Gardens in nearby Bernardsville and then […]

05 Jun 2018

Making the most of a rainy day

Our streak of great weather ended and the rain has taken over at my Acadia Photography Workshop. We spent yesterday afternoon and this morning in the classroom, talking about light and looking at some of the photos we have made so far. It is always fun to look at photos made by everyone in the workshop, we are all at the same places but invariably come away with different images. Again, people had their own vision and saw things I […]

15 Jun 2017

I love finding a new meadow of wild lupines

Lupine grow in the wild from Maine to California and even down to Florida but it is still a thrilling sight to come a across a large meadow filled with them. One of my Woodstock, VT, neighbors pointed out a field of them yesterday less than two miles from my house. I hadn’t seen them there before, I don’t know if I missed them, wasn’t paying attention or just didn’t look at the right time year. This morning I went […]

07 Aug 2013

Sunflowers look good even without the sun

A friend told me about a field of sunflowers that are in perfect bloom. I like sunflower fields and since I am going to be in Vermont for over a week, I figured the sunflowers might not look too good when I get back. Even though the sun wasn’t out, I went to the field late in the day and shot away. The sky was pretty cloudy with a few blue spots, so I initially tried keeping the sky out […]

15 Sep 2012

It isn’t not a snap dragon, but don’t tell the orchid

I was photographing this morning along the D&R Canal in Griggstown, NJ, with my Meetup group. It is fun going out with other people and taking photos. During my days as a news photographer, I always noticed that the photographer who got away from the pack and wasn’t standing around chatting with the other photographers was usually the one with the best photos at the end of the day. I’m noticing that with our meetups too. Now some people are […]

23 Jun 2012

An afternoon along the canal

I spent the afternoon with my good friend and photographer Nat Clymer wandering along the D&R Canal in East Millstone and Somerset, N.J. Nat lives nears the canal and knows the history and most of the people along it. There are several old buildings in various places along the canal that served as houses or vantage points while the canal was in operation many years ago. In fact, Nat used to have his office in an old canal house in […]

06 May 2012

Give me sunshine and a dandelion

It doesn’t take a whole lot to make me happy. Today was a beautiful Vermont day with great sunshine. I got out my macro lens and tripod and walked through the yard to take a close look around. I shot some fiddleheads, new ferns that many Vermonters eat, but was too happy with what I was getting. There was a steady breeze and the fiddleheads kept moving, making it hard to shoot with long shutter speeds. I saw some large […]

21 Feb 2011

PhotoShelter likes rose photo

Grover Sanschagrin at PhotoShelter selected one of my photos for his blog post 10 Cool Photos of Water Drops. Thanks Grover!

02 Nov 2010

Getting down to the ground and looking close-up

This morning was rather chilly, in the low 30’s when I hit the road before sunrise. I wandered back to Colonial Park in Franklin, NJ, and was happily greeted by a light frost on the ground. I enjoy getting down on the ground with my macro lens to shoot close-up shots of frosty things, especially colorful leaves. I had my tripod splayed out and I was on my knees hovering over the camera and concentrating rather hard on getting the […]

15 Aug 2010

What’s good: Ferns in a bog

Just outside of Woodstock, Vermont, is a natural area that has been protected by The Nature Conservancy. It is called Eshqua Bog Natural Area and it is 41 acres with hiking trails that go through the bog area and up the hillside to the forest. I’ve been there many times and the ferns always catch my eye.

25 Jul 2010

What’s good: Beautiful morning in Vermont

Another beautiful Vermont morning. I watched the sun rise at my favorite pond. The pond was quiet this morning, a few frogs were making their presence known and the wind blowing in the trees was about the only other noise. An overnight rain put a clean shine on everything and left some drops.

18 Jul 2010

What’s good: A field of sunflowers

Another heatwave settled into New Jersey, so I went looking for sunflowers. Several years ago I saw a field of them while riding my bicycle in Hunterdon County, so I went there. The field has corn in it this year but across the street were sunflowers! I thought sunflowers followed the sun across the sky, but all them were pointed away from the sun. Maybe they don’t like heatwaves either.

18 Jul 2010

Alaska photo adventure slideshow

Alaska – Images by Loren Fisher These are some of my favorite photos from my trip to Alaska.

14 Jul 2010

What’s good: Sandhill cranes bid us goodbye from Alaska

After eight days of fun and awe in Alaska, it is time to head home. Our last stop was the Creamer’s Field State Wildlife Sanctuary in Fairbanks. The preserve is known as a haven for sandhill cranes after their migration to their summer home. Cranes like open fields, like airports, so they put out plenty of food at the preserve so the cranes aren’t tempted to fly over to the airport. Cranes have a funny mating dance but they weren’t […]

13 Jul 2010

What’s good: Being in Denali, Alaska

We traveled to Denali National Park on our bear search. On the way, we saw a pretty coyote sitting along the road. So, of course, we screeched to a halt and went back for some shots. You can drive 12 miles into the park and then you have to take a converted school bus the 89 miles to the end of the road – unless you know somebody. Walter has a client doing road work past where the buses go. […]