Tag : Fog

05 Jun 2018

Making the most of a rainy day

Our streak of great weather ended and the rain has taken over at my Acadia Photography Workshop. We spent yesterday afternoon and this morning in the classroom, talking about light and looking at some of the photos we have made so far. It is always fun to look at photos made by everyone in the workshop, we are all at the same places but invariably come away with different images. Again, people had their own vision and saw things I […]

16 Aug 2013

Learning about the New London, NH, area

I have spent a lot of time scouring the backroads of Vermont looking for great photo locations but I haven’t crossed the Conneticut River much to see what is in New Hampshire. After a recent workshop I got an invitation from Mary to show me around the New London area and I took her up on it today. There are several lakes and large ponds in her area and very few near me in Vermont. We started the day a […]

01 Sep 2012

Surviving the Mt. Tom death march

I used to be in fairly decent physical shape. It has only been seven years since I did a 30-day bicycle ride from San Francisco to Somerville, NJ. So when Lisa Lacasse asked me if I wanted to do a sunrise shoot from Mt. Tom in Woodstock, Vt. I didn’t think anything about it. I even asked if she wanted to invite her photographer friend Derek MacDonald to join us. The full moon would be setting, so there should be […]

23 Aug 2012

Special Maine sunrise makes getting up early worth it

I’m not naturally an early morning person, but it is rare that I’m upset when I see the sun rise. Sunday was one of my favorite sunrises ever. I was along Flagstaff Lake in Stratton, Maine, as the sun rose in a clear sky. Fog filled the mountains and hovered over the lake, which was fine by me. I was on a narrow road that sliced through the water, so every direction I looked was water, mountains and fog. It […]

09 Oct 2011

The foliage in Vermont is running late

This weekend is usually peak season for fall foliage around the Woodstock, Vt. area but things are running behind schedule this year. Most trees are still green and some just lost their leaves without a colorful fight. At least the weather is great this weekend, last week it was nothing but steady rain. I wandered out before sunrise today and went past Billings Farm before heading along the Ottauquechee River and then through Hartland. This time of year there usually […]

25 Aug 2011

Clouds rolls over Vermont’s deepest gorge

Today was one of those rainy days that don’t make for great photos, unless you’re looking to make a rainy-day photo. I was going past Quechee Gorge and saw the clouds hanging over the gorge. Route 4, the main east-west highway in central Vermont, goes over the state’s deepest gorge so I parked the Jeep and walked out on the bridge. It is 165 feet down to the water from the bridge and not for people who get queasy from […]

03 Oct 2010

Misty morning makes for nice Vermont photos

When I got up this morning, there was a rather heavy fog covering Woodstock, Vermont. It happens fairly often in the fall, the fog seems to lay in through the valley that surrounds the village. Usually when I head east toward the Conneticut River, it gets worse. It isn’t the fun, pretty kind of fog, it is fairly high and pretty much just blocks the sun. Today I went west and south hoping to escape the heavy fog. As I […]

19 Aug 2010

What’s good: Rolling with the fog

It is never easy for me to get out of bed before the sun rises, but I know that is when I can make the best pictures. So I rolled out this morning and did my usual check of the sky to see if there any clouds. All clear, so I headed out along the Ottaquechee River in search of great light. I could see some fog in the distance and thought that could make good photos. The fog got […]

23 Jul 2010

What’s good: Being back in Vermont

After being back to work for a full week after being off for two weeks, it was good to escape to Vermont. The five-hour drive started sunny but turned to rain and drizzle about half way. The fog and clouds made for a nice shot near Bennington.

30 May 2010

What’s good: Climbing to the pinnacle

Our Woodstock, Vermont neighbor, Ducky, took me this morning to some land her family has in Promfret, Vermont. We headed out at 5:30 a.m. to catch the early light of the day. Promfret is an area of Vermont that is still unspoiled. Development through the years has been minimal and people are proud of the land and fight to keep it pristine. Ducky’s father bought the land in the 1950’s when it was mostly pasture. As the years have gone […]