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21 Mar 2016

A final look back at Guatemala

Now that I am back home after flying all day yesterday, I can take a good look at my photos from the trip and think about all the wonderful things I saw and people I met during my workshop in Guatemala. I can’t thank Edgar Monzon enough for putting us in great locations, driving us around, showing me how he connects with people on the street and for helping me get a new passport. Edgar worked hard to set up […]

15 Mar 2016

Hang on to your wallet and passport when traveling

Like I said yesterday, the people of Guatemala are very friendly, except for that one guy whole stole my passport wallet, which, yes, had my passport, a couple of credit cards and some cash. It happened Sunday morning while on the streets during the procession. I had a large passport wallet in my front pocket but it must have been sticking out some. We were wading through people elbow to elbow, so it got pulled while I was in the […]

13 Mar 2016

Guatemalan Procession is like no other

Edgar and I got up early and went to a large procession in a village not far from his condo. I have seen small processions in Hispanic communities in the U.S., but nothing like the way they do it in Guatemala. The procession is part of the Catholic’s Holy Week celebrations but on a scale I couldn’t imagine. First, people stay up all night decorating the streets. I don’t mean hanging flags or banners along the street, they make intricate […]

12 Mar 2016

Welcome to Guatemala

I arrived in Guatemala City today for my five-day Guatemala Photo Workshop. I was met at the airport by my friend and our host for the week Edgar Monzon. Edgar has an incredible itinerary planned for us and it will be an exciting week. Almost as soon as we got in his car he started telling about a processional in a small town about 90 minutes away that happens tomorrow morning. He didn’t plan on us going since the workshop […]