Tag : Hurricane Irene

04 Sep 2011

Vermont’s Bowers covered bridge washed away by Irene

I have been photographing the covered bridges of Vermont for the last five years and been to all of them, most several times. I hope to have a book out next year featuring all the bridges. One of my favorites is Bowers, a little 48-feet-long bridge over the Mill Brook in West Windsor. The bridge sits down in a ravine with a gravel road heading up hills on both sides. A house up the hill on the south side has […]

03 Sep 2011

Irene’s waters too much for Quechee, Vt.

I went over to Quechee, Vt. to see the damage to the town and covered bridge. I had seen video of water coming into the end of the bridge and couldn’t imagine how that could happen since the bridge is at least 50 feet above the river bed, just downstream from a dam. The water came over the edge of the dam and along a concrete wall and walkway then washed out the abutment and end of the bridge. A […]

02 Sep 2011

Vermont’s damage from Irene is hard to imagine

The damage done by tropical storm Irene in Vermont is really hard to imagine. Nearly every road in the lower third of the state was damaged. Washouts were everywhere. A man replacing my water heater told me about watching two houses float down a stream that usually has less than a foot of water. The houses hit a bridge and were knocked into splinters. Woodstock was hit hard, some houses along the Ottauquechee River lost over 100 feet of yard […]

30 Aug 2011

Our damage from Irene wasn’t major in Vermont

After making it through Hurricane Irene and getting back to the routine of work yesterday, we got a call that our house in Vermont had a small river running through the yard and the basement was full of water. I started the five-hour drive north and immediately had to make detours. I-287 in NJ was washed out and so were many other roads on the way. There was only one road open into Woodstock, Vt., Route 4 from the east. […]