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31 Dec 2019

Christmas present forces new iPhone

I got a nice new Apple Watch for Christmas from my lovely wife Robin. It is pretty cool but a little too advanced, it wouldn’t work with my old iPhone 6, so of course I was forced kicking and crying to to upgrade my phone! OK, I’ve been eyeing one for a while so it wasn’t too painful, other than the price. I got the spiffy iPhone 11 Pro Max since it has what is reputed to be a great […]

15 Oct 2013

Apps I use for my photography

During my Vermont Fall Foliage Photography Workshop, I was talking about some the apps I use on my iPhone that help me with my photography. For me, knowing where and when the sun is going to rise or set is invaluable. I use a program on the computer and iPhone app The Photographer’s Ephemeris to help me (http://photoephemeris.com/). It shows you where and how the light will fall on scenes, when the sun or moon will appear over a hill, […]

13 Oct 2013

Trying not to be an iPhone hater

I took the Vermont Fall Foliage Workshop participants to the top of a private property that has a great view from “The Pinnacle.” It is always hard for me to make good photos of a vast overlook, so I thought I’d try something different. I pulled out my iPhone and used the auto panorama feature of the camera. I can’t decide if I should be happy that my phone takes pictures that I can’t with my expensive camera or I […]