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08 Dec 2018

I know why they call it Chile’s Lake Region

While eating dinner last night Bob and I were talking to our waiter, a young guy who spoke very good English, which isn’t overly common in southern Chile. He told us about a town to the south that is on a large lake and has yet to be spoiled by tourism. It has an unusual church and it was in the direction of the thermal spring we didn’t get to the other day. The road to Panguipulli was scenic, starting […]

26 Sep 2010

Early foliage is looking good in northern Vermont

I went way north searching for moose and foliage. I found the foliage, but still no moose. I nearly drove into Canada, but at the last second I realized the building I was about to pass was the U.S. border guard house, so I made a quick turn since I didn’t have my passport with me. It wasn’t long ago that they changed the law so you need one to get back from Canada and I don’t think they like […]

24 Sep 2010

Searching for moose in Vermont, but finding only fog

I got away to the northern part of Vermont. I was hoping to find some moose, but all I saw was more highway signs saying “moose crossing next five miles.” I swear those are put up by the Vermont Department of Tourism. I asked everyone where to find moose and spent lots of time on back roads and everywhere moose should be, but no moose. I had read about an overlook onto Lewis Pond that was supposed to be spectacular. […]