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30 Jun 2010

What’s good: Fountain of light

The sun shines through a water fountain.

The humidity left town but the sun stayed. So I went over to a large fountain as the sun was getting low. The water shooting up with the sun shining through made some nice patterns.

21 Jun 2010

What’s good: The longest day

A swallow flies over clouds reflecting in the water.

Today was the summer solstice, the first day of summer, the longest day of the year, the most sunlight. As the sun was setting behind some light clouds, swallows were diving near the water of the South Branch of the Raritan River. I like the way the bird silhouetted against the clouds reflecting in the water.

18 Jun 2010

What’s good: A field of beans and deer

Deer browse in a bean field in Readington, NJ.

I took a little drive this evening and the deer were out in full force. They were in yards, walking in the roads, wandering through woods and enjoying a field of beans.

15 Jun 2010

What’s good: Seeing the farm

Farm after sunset in South Branch, NJ.

When I first came to New Jersey for a job interview in 1987, I wasn’t too sure about leaving the Midwest for N.J. I’d been through the state a couple of times, the last being on a bus while I was at USA Today and we came up to play a softball game against David Letterman in Central Park. The bus came up the NJ Turnpike, which is packed with cars and goes past tons of oil refineries. Not where I want to be. I drove around a lot after the job interview and soon came upon two grain silos. That was a good sign for me. It is great to see that 23 years later the silos are still there on the working farm.

11 Jun 2010

What’s good: Hay in the field

Hay sits in a field in Bedminster, NJ.

After a long week of too many meetings, it felt good to head out into the countryside this evening. I spent about 45 minutes stalking three young bucks playing in a field but they were too far away to make a good picture. I headed over to my favorite hill where I made a pretty fence photo back in April. The hill has a meadow and some unique trees and a great views. You’ll see a picture of the trees some day when the light is right. Tonight the setting sun was hitting rolls of hay and the color of the light on the hay really contrasted the green grass.

10 Jun 2010

What’s good: Watching the clouds rolls by

Late day sky.

It seemed like the weather couldn’t decide if it was going to storm or clear off this evening, which made for some nice clouds and color just before sunset.

24 May 2010

What’s good: Being home

The late-day sun streams across the garage.

After being away all weekend, it is good to be home and get some rest. I’m still worn out from the long bike ride. There are a couple times a year when I look at our garage in the back yard and the sun is sweeping across the end.

23 May 2010

What’s good: Riding for a cause

The sun sets while drivng home.

Today was Day 2 of the Coast The Coast bicycle ride to raise money for MS. It was again scheduled to be 85 miles. After riding 85 yesterday, I didn’t think I had the strength to make it that far again today. Teammates Kathy, Stephanie and I latched on to a pack of 20 riders from Team Trane in the morning and used the power of the pack to pull along at an 18 MPH pace. Using the same energy, I’d be going about 15, but there is strength in a pack. We were rolling along until we got to a rest stop. They took too long of a break, so the three of us headed out and thought we’d go a little slower until they caught up and then we’d fly again. They didn’t catch up by the time we got to the next rest stop and we pulled in. It wasn’t long until I saw Team Trane flying past the rest stop, so I yelled at Kathy and Stephanie and we took off to catch them. Stephanie sprinted and caught up. We were in a town and I had them in my sights but I couldn’t reel them in. Kathy got held up by car traffic at a stop sign, so she was behind me. I spent way too much energy trying to catch them and just when I thought I was there the Trane left town and really took off. I used much more energy trying to catch them than I would have saved being in the pack. It wasn’t long before we got to the lunch break and I thought I was done. I could barely get food and eat it. Fortunately, I ate the right things at lunch and got my energy back. I really thought I was done.

Just as we were ready to leave, I looked out the window and heavy rain was falling. Team Trane was lollygagging again, so we headed out to brave the rain. It was pretty hard for 10 minutes but let up and was intermittent for a couple of hours. Besides being cold and uncomfortable, rain makes the roads slick and it makes things stick to the tires. At mile 55, I felt my rear tire get soft. The other two were ahead of me and I pulled over to fix the flat. I found a good chunk of sea shell stuck in the tire, it took me longer than normal to change the tire but was soon on my way. That stretch of road was named Flat Alley but the support crews because of all shell pieces caught in tires. I heard one guy had five flats.

I spent most of the afternoon pedaling alone at a steady pace. MS does a great job of organizing the event, they paint arrows on the street so you know where to turn. I wasn’t paying attention and missed a turn. I realized it a couple of miles later when the road came to a dead end at the ocean. Not what I needed. I pedaled back but didn’t see any other cyclists and the road was too wide to see the small painted arrows. Finally I saw a cyclist make a turn about a quarter mile ahead of me so i got back on track and got in a few extra miles and rolled into to Cape May.

It was a great weekend, mainly because I was able to raise over $600 for MS thanks to the generosity of my friends. Thank you all. Next year I aiming for $1,000, so be ready.

On the way home, I realized I didn’t take any pictures all day, I guess I was too wet and tired. While driving up I-2t87, the sun gave me one peek for the day, so I pulled out my point-and-shoot and made a couple of shots over the steering wheel. Much better quality than yesterday’s iPhone shots. Time/speed report

16 May 2010

What’s good: The sun sets on a beautiful weekend

Colors take over after the sun sets.

The weather doesn’t get any better than this weekend was. It has to rank in the top five of the year. I got in two good bicycle rides, did some bird photography in the Great Swamp, had a dog shoot this afternoon and finished it off with dinner on my sister-in-law Penny’s deck with Robin.

My favorite time of day is the 30 minutes or so after the sun sets and the sky takes on beautiful colors. I like that time period before the sun rises also, but I rarely drag my butt out of bed in time to see it. Tonight I thought it might be especially colorful because there were a nice layer of thin clouds in the west. It wasn’t great, but it was nice.

10 May 2010

What’s good: Old mill on the river

The old mill in Neshanic, NJ

There’s an old mill in Neshanic Station sitting right on the South Branch of the Raritan River that has been restored into a house. It is a great location, except when the big floods come through. It looks like the last flood didn’t get up to the house.

06 May 2010

What’s good: Catching a ride on the orange train

The setting sun glimmers off trains cars in Bridgewater, NJ

We had another beautiful, clear afternoon with barely a cloud in the sky. After Robin and I had a nice dinner-date, the sun was low and strong, so I headed over to a place that I’ve always wanted to photograph but I never bothered to stop. There’s a railroad overpass on Finderne Ave. in Bridgewater that I’ve seen the sun glimmering off the tracks as I’ve driven past. When I got there the sun was barely above the horizon and made everything it hit a nice orange.

29 Apr 2010

What’s good: The new reflecting the old

A historic church is reflected in the glass of the Somerset County courthouse in Somerville, NJ.

Many years ago someone decided, and got others to go along, to build an ugly glass and steel building next to the classic courthouse and historic church in downtown Somerville. It happened a couple of years before I got here in 1987. When the sun is low, the reflection of the old church turns golden.

22 Apr 2010

What’s good: Ducks know how to celebrate Earth Day

A Mallard duck swims across a pond in Colonial Park in Franklin, NJ. as raindrops start to fall.

I’d love to say I was out celebrating Earth Day all afternoon, but I sat in my office looking out the window. My East Brunswick office is known as The Basement. My office has windows, they are four feet up from the floor and right at ground level. Sitting at my desk and looking out the window, all I can see is the bottom of a bush and the sky.

I like being able to see the sky so easy. All afternoon it was sunny and there are frequently birds circling high in the thermals. They are mostly buzzards or gulls in flight after vising the nearby Edgeboro landfill, one of New Jersey’s largest. At least the wind wasn’t blowing the stench over the building today.

After a sunny afternoon, a thunderstorm rolling in right at 5 p.m. and then a drizzle. I had hoped for a nice sunny drive home, but it didn’t look good. The storm cleared and by 6 p.m. when I left the sun was fighting with the clouds to shine.

I took the scenic route home and went to Colonial Park in Franklin. The clouds were winning the battle with the sun but I could tell there would be a break. I walked along a pond and waited for the sun to pop out. About the time it did, a Mallard duck paddled out into the pond and posed for pictures as sprinkling rain made little circles in the water.

19 Apr 2010

What’s good: Seeing more red on a sunny day

The sun hits the end of a barn in Bedminster, NJ

It was a beautiful day today, cool, clear and sunny. I took a little drive after work out along the route where I do my normal bicycle ride. There are a couple of barns that look cool, so I went to see how the barns look in the low afternoon light.

The sun was pretty low and light shadows were mixing with the sunlight hitting the end of the red barn. One small window is all that disturbed the red.

I like it.

14 Apr 2010

What’s good: Finding beauty in Newark

A church door in Newark.

I was on journalism career day panel today for students at Rutgers in Newark. Newark is one of my least favorite places, it is run down, grimy and overall ugly. But there is some amazing architecture. I drove past a stunning building with delicate, detailed scrolling along the roof. It looked like it hadn’t been occupied for 20 years and had a “For Sale” in front. I thought about how cool it would be to buy the place cheap and fix it up. It would be spectacular. Then I looked at the rest of the neighborhood. Too bad I can’t move it to Somerville.

On my way home I drove past St. Ames Church with a bright red door. It glowed brilliantly as the sun washed across the red paint. It amazes me how the more I look for something good, the more I see.