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07 Mar 2019

Venice, Italy, is a place like no other

One of the great thrills of my job is hosting photography workshops in great places like Venice, Italy. Add Carnival to the mix and it makes for an unforgettable adventure! The crowds were immense but if you knew where to go you could avoid them a lot of the time. It was great fun photographing the masked models at sunrise (see blog post) and all of the amazing costumes that people wore as we walked around the city. The beauty […]

07 Mar 2019

More color than you can imagine in Burano

One of the island in the Venice lagoon is Burano and it is one of the most colorful places you will see anywhere. All the buildings are painted bright colors and most of them look like they were freshly done. Everywhere you look there are bright colors. Just like Venice, there are canals throughout the island and the reflections add to the colorful scenery. Also like Venice, the houses are built right up against each other but the individual units […]

06 Mar 2019

Costumes take over Venice during Carnival

I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I joined with Ron Lake to host a photography workshop in Venice, Italy, during Carnival. I knew there would be masked models on the street near San Marco Square each morning and they would be wearing outrageous costumes but I had no idea how crazy they would be. The best time to photograph many of the most ornate costumes is at sunrise, models come out and there are mainly photographers there, not […]