There’s a reason it’s called gorgeous


20140323-LEF_8106-2My Somerset Photography Meetup group did a photowalk today at Ken Lockwood Gorge near High Bridge, NJ. The gorge is a unique place in NJ, there are huge boulders in the river that winds through a narrow gorge. NJ isn’t known for having gorges and this is the biggest one I know of in the state. Whenever I’m there I can imagine being out west in the Rockies, there just aren’t massive mountain peaks at the end of the gorge.

The river was running high and fast and there were lots of cascades that make for fun moving water photos. Some of the people hadn’t tried that before and they seemed pretty happy with their results.

Even though I thought spring would have sprung, there was still lots of snow and ice on the main trail where the sun doesn’t hit, so when dealt lemons make lemonade. I like my shot of the leaf in the snowy ice, I enjoy getting down close to things with my macro lens and seeing the beauty in the details.


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