There’s lots of color in those balloons

I love to fly in hot air balloons and they are almost as much fun to photograph. If I had a lot more money and a lot more friends and a lot more time, I’d be a balloon pilot. You need lots of friends to help chase the balloon and pack it up. But then if I had lots of money I’d probably have more friends…

But anyway, this weekend is the QuickChek Festival of Ballooning in New Jersey. Many years ago they were one of my commercial clients and I was the photographer for event. Part of my deal with them was to be able to fly and the last time I went was in a balloon that looked like a teddy bear and had a twin. They held hands as they flew and landed. Those were pilots with skills, shaped balloons are hard to fly but to do everything in unison is crazy.

This morning was the press event where some of the balloons inflate and pretty much anyone can wander around the launch field as the balloons fill with air and fly away. It is a great opportunity to get up close and make some fun photos. I usually make it an event for my Somerset Photography Meetup Group and we always have a good turnout. It was fun getting out there and shooting with everyone.

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