Venice rookery: always full of birds

heron chicksI daydream a lot about what places must have looked like before humans decided to overdevelop the land. Florida has lots of open space in the middle but the coasts are packed with concrete and asphalt. In the lovely development of Venice, there is a little island in a little park that has been preserved by the Audubon Society and is a highly used bird rookery. Many types of birds build nests on the little island that is protected from predators by the gators in the water.

Since the pond is small, it doesn’t take a huge lens to get nice shots of birds on the nest, although I can’t have a big enough lens. I took the workshop here last night for the evening light and then this morning at sunrise. It didn’t disappoint as there was lots of nesting action, hatchlings yelling and birds bringing in nesting materials and food for the younguns.

I love the color that many of the birds get with their breeding plumage, like this anhinga, all in an effort to get a mate. It is funny that as soon as they have mated, they go back to their plain coloring.

See photo gallery from Loren’s Florida photography workshop.anahinga eye

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