Vermont birch trees took a while to see

This afternoon I headed over to a grove of birch trees in Hartford, VT, I have photographed many times. Over the years, I had driven past the trees several times before I saw them. They were always right there in the open but I was usually looking for the next farm that has a nice open field with rolling hills that lead down to the Connecticut River and is a great place to shoot sunrise. Maybe I was too groggy at sunrise, or too focused on how I was going to shoot the sunrise, but for whatever reason I didn’t take notice of the trees. Then they suddenly appeared.

They are a large grove right off a little dirt road, sitting on the other side of a small meadow. It is the largest grove of birch I have seen in Vermont. I don’t know why there are so many in that one place, around the area there are scattered groups and lots of lone birch trees, but this must be the perfect place for them to grow.

I know there is an absolutely great photo in that grove, I just haven’t made it yet. I have a bunch that I like, including one that I shot today, but I still haven’t made that killer wow shot. It is what keeps me going back, hoping to be there for the right combination of light, nature and state of mind.

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