Vermont fall foliage never disappoints

It was a magical week for my annual Vermont Fall Foliage Workshop. I can’t think of many things more fun than hanging out in Vermont with new friends and taking in the beauty of autumn’s color show. It is great to show off my stomping grounds to people from all over the world, this week I had photographers come from Ecuador, Amsterdam, Florida, California, Washington state, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut. 

We went to some of the popular spots, like Jenne Farm, which some people say is the most photographed farm in America. It doesn’t matter if it is or isn’t, it is a beautiful scene. We also went to some of my favorite little known locations, I like showing my visitors places they wouldn’t find on their own unless they spent a ton of time driving around. I’ve created a gallery of some of my photos below. If you’d like to see some photos made by the workshop participants go here: https://lorenphotos.com/vermont-foliage-workshop-photos-2018/

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